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BREAKING NEWS: Acid Attacker Arthur Collins Gets 8 More Months Added To His Sentance After Taking Phone Into Prison To Call Ferne McCann

News has just broke that Arthur Collins who threw acid over a crowded nightclub has added 8 more months added to his sentence after he took a phone into prison to call his ex girlfriend and mother of his child Ferne McCann.

Arthur smuggled the

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Ferne McCann Likes Instagram Photo Asking For Ex Boyfriend Arthur Collins To Be Relesed From Prison After Acid Attack


Ferne McCann has caused outrage after she liked a photo on Instagram asking for her ex boyfriend Arthur Collins to be released from prison after he caused 16 people to be injured after he threw acid over a packed nightclub in London.

Fans noticed

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Ferne McCann’s Festive Tweet Gets Backlash From Victims In Arthur Collins Acid Attack

A few days back Ferne McCann shared her delight that Chrismtas was coming up but the festive tweet recieved lots of backlash with some of the replys coming from victims who where involved in the Arthur Collins acid attack.

Ferne was dating Arthur

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Ferne McCann And Arthur Collins Relationship Was Doomed From The Start As First Inteeview Reviels

Ferne McCann and Arthur Collins only did one interview druing their short relationship and reading it back looked like it looked like it was doomed from the biggining.

Druing the only interview the pair did together with Ok Magazine Ferne admitted

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