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BREAKING NEWS: Acid Attacker Arthur Collins Gets 8 More Months Added To His Sentance After Taking Phone Into Prison To Call Ferne McCann

News has just broke that Arthur Collins who threw acid over a crowded nightclub has added 8 more months added to his sentence after he took a phone into prison to call his ex girlfriend and mother of his child Ferne McCann.

Arthur smuggled the phone into his prison cell to call his ex and it was last month when Arthur confessed to having the phone in his cell and is using two sim cards and and two memory sticks inside a crutch while awaiting trial over the attack, which left 16 people with chemical burns and three people temporarily blinded.

Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams has said:

‘The presence of a mobile phone or component part such as a Sim card has many implications, not only for the prison establishment, but also the wider environment.

‘It provides a prisoner or prisoners with an opportunity to communicate they would otherwise not have.

‘This therefore allows them to act in a way prison is supposed to prevent them from doing.’

Ferne McCann Returns To This Morning After Ex Boyfriend Was Arrested For Acid Attack

Today Ferne McCann returned to This Morning, the first time after her boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested over an acid attack in a nightclub.

McCann was on the show presenting a segment about ‘Cilla: The Musical’ where she went behind the scenes.

Ferne McCann Likes Instagram Photo Asking For Ex Boyfriend Arthur Collins To Be Relesed From Prison After Acid Attack


Ferne McCann has caused outrage after she liked a photo on Instagram asking for her ex boyfriend Arthur Collins to be released from prison after he caused 16 people to be injured after he threw acid over a packed nightclub in London.

Fans noticed that a picture of Arthur had been floating around on the photo sharing site what was shared by his brother as his brother wrote that he should be released for Christmas.

The caption with the photo said:

‘Free up my brother. I miss him the most’, followed by a number of emojis.

Ferne has also liked other posts on social media asking for him to be released.

Ferne McCann’s Festive Tweet Gets Backlash From Victims In Arthur Collins Acid Attack

A few days back Ferne McCann shared her delight that Chrismtas was coming up but the festive tweet recieved lots of backlash with some of the replys coming from victims who where involved in the Arthur Collins acid attack.

Ferne was dating Arthur when he threw acid over a packed nightclub room causing lotsa of people to have awful injuries.

On Monday fo this week Ferne tweeted:

“Tis the season to wear sequins tra la la la la….”

To what a mother of one of the victiums who was injued during the attack replied back and said:

 “Tiss the season for your boyfriend to be jailed for 20 years for throwing acid at my daughter & other innocent victims tra la la la la …..”

It was last week when Ferne spoke about the “worst year of her life” on her relaity show after her ex boyfriend being sentance to 20 years in prison for the attack.

Ferne McCann And Arthur Collins Relationship Was Doomed From The Start As First Inteeview Reviels

Ferne McCann and Arthur Collins only did one interview druing their short relationship and reading it back looked like it looked like it was doomed from the biggining.

Druing the only interview the pair did together with Ok Magazine Ferne admitted that he ‘everyone does things they regret’ when they are younger.

Before hitting the limelight with Ferne, Arthur posted about 9 years ago on Facebook about Class-A drugs as and during the interview McCann said:

“We all did silly things when we were teenagers,”

The relationship didnt last long when they got back together as they previously dated before Ferne appeared on TOWIE.

Ferne McCann’s Fomrer Boyfriend Arth Collins Gets 20 Years For Accid Attack And Show No Emotion

Arthur Collins recieved a sentance of 20 years after he threw acid over a busy nightclub in London injuring 16 people.

The former boyfriend of Ferne McCann was in court on Tuesday where he was slapped with the 20 year sentance and showed no emotinal to all the victims who he hurt on that awful night.

The judge branded Collins a ‘calculating liar’ and said that he didnt ‘slightest remorse’ after the ‘deliberate and calculated attack’.