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EXCLUSIVE! Sam Faiers Talks More Babies, Books And The Best Part About Being A Mum!

EXCLUSIVE! Sam Faiers Talks More Babies, Books And The Best Part About Being A Mum!

She has a gorgeous baby boy called Paul but now it seems Sam Faiers wants to have more babies as she has exclusively revealed to NicoleWilliamsGossip.co.uk.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star has talked about her book, more babies and the best part about being a mother exclusively to us and admitted that she want’s five more children.

Talking in a series of Twitter videos Sam admitted when asked about how many children she wants:

“I would like to have five children if possible but not just yet i’m going to spread them out”

Then talking about how long it took her to make her book she said only 3 months!!:

“The book only took less than three months we where really really quick.”

Then talking about the best bit about being a mum she said:

“I think the best bit about being a mum is everything, but seeing them develop from everyday from newborn to now every milestone they hit is just amazing”

Have a look at what she had to say below.

Sam Faiers Celebrates Son Paul’s First Birthday As She Shares Moment On Instagram

Sam Faiers Celebrates Son Paul's First Birthday As She Shares Moment On Instagram

He celebrates his first birthday today but it seems that all the excitement from Christmas hasnt stopped baby Paul from being spoilt rotten by his mum Sam Faiers.

The former TOWIE star shared a snap on Instagram of Paul as he opened a large black car what he can actually drive around the house.

In the video Sam can be heard saying:

‘Well done daddy for setting up baby Paul’s Range Rover,’

Aww he looked so happy with his car hope he has had an amazing birthday.

Sam Faiers New Selfie Sparks Pregnancy Rumours

Could she be??

Sam Faiers has shared a new selfie on Instagram and fans have said that she might have a bun in the oven.

The former reality star posed for a photo with her little baby Paul as she posed into the mirror with her camera and it wasn’t long before fans started to comment on the snap asking if she is pregnant or not.

Seeing all the speculation in the comments on her photo Sam wrote back:

“I am not pregnant lol.. It’s the way I’m standing with the baby on my hip.”

Aww such a shame.

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers has been hit out at by Instagram followers after she shared a video of her young son Paul in his car seat.

The reality star shared the video on her instagram page showing the little one in his car seat but her followers had a problem with the way that she had put him in the seat.

Along with the video Sam said:

‘Words can’t describe my love for you my baby… You make me laugh all day long

One person commented on the video and said:

‘Sam – using the car seat like this is not safe’,

While another said:

‘I would say Sam knows what way seat works and wouldn’t put her baby at risk, car might not be moving and she turned him round while stopped.’

We are sure that Sam knows what she is doing.


Sam Faiers Makes Breast Milk Lollies For Baby Paul


Sam Faiers has came up with a amazing creation.

The mum of one decided to express milk from her breast to be frozen to make milk ice lollies for her teething baby Paul what she calls “mumsicles.”

During the last of her reality show The Mummy Diaries Sam gave the milk lolly to Paul and he seemed to love it.

Sam explained:

“Mumsicle is a breast milk ice lolly.

“To have it frozen when they’re teething, it must feel so nice and taste good.”

The lollies went down a treat with the viewers and we bet the babies love them too.

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