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Tamara Ecclestone Sparks Parenting Debate After Breastfeeding Three-Year-Old On Reality Show

Tamara Ecclestone Sparks Parenting Debate After Breastfeeding Three-Year-Old On Reality Show

Last night viewers got to see the lavish lifestyle of Tamara Ecclestone but it wasnt the lifestyle what got people talking as it was her breastfeeding her three-year-old daughter Sophia.

At one point of the reality show called Tamar’s World it saw the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone putting her daughter to bed (who sleeps in her bed) and she started breastfeeding the little one.

Watching the show caused viewers to take to their social networking accounts as one person tweeted:

“I really love the free thinking @tamaraeccle but… I do think 3/4 is just too old 😬 sorry to anyone that disagrees 😕 #TamarasWorld.”

While another said:

breastfeeding at 3 years so fifi can stop when she is ready? Will she only go to school when she is ready?

What do you think?

Who Is Tamara Ecclestone?

With The new reality show called Tamara’s World airing on ITVbe some people have been asking just who is Tamara Ecclestone?

Well we can tell you as Tamara is the daughter of formula one creator Bernie Ecclestone.

Tamara who lives in a £79 million pound mansion what’s have over 50 members of staff who live with her husband Jay Rutland and her three years old daughter.

Tamara has been a model, TV presenter and all round party girl who we use to see her falling out nightclubs at 3AM but since having her little one that has all stopped.

Ecclestone use to present Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2006.

She married her husband Jay  in June 2013 and they had their first child in March 2014.

Tamara Ecclestone Has A £5m Wardrobe

She about to drop her new reality show called Tamara’s world what airs tonight but now Tamara Ecclestone has flashed her £5 million pound wardrobe online.

The daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has shared a photo of her luxury wardrobe what she receives help from her stylist Lucy Packman.

Tamara keeps her £5 mill wardrobe in her £70 million pound mansion and we have ot sya she has near enough every single brad in that massive wardrobe.

Tamara has shared a couple of photo’s to her Instagram account to share photos of the wardrobe and we have to sya it is very impressive.

Have a look at the snaps above.