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Pregnant Billie Faiers Admits She Was Shocked To Find Out The Gender Of Her Unborn Baby

Pregnant Billie Faiers Admits She Was Shocked To Find Out The Gender Of Her Unborn Baby

Billie Faiers has admitted that she was left shocked when she found out the gender of her unborn baby.

The baby who is due in the in spring 2017 said that her and fiance Greg Shepherd are really shocked as they continued to say:

“We’re so excited. We’re in complete shock. Greg and I always thought we’d just have girls and everyone around us put that in our heads too,”

Billie who already has beautiful daughter Nellie said that Greg is really happy to be having a son as she continued to say:

“We couldn’t stop laughing during the scan. I said to the sonographer, ‘No! Are you sure? Can you check again?’ She checked a few times so it’s definitely a boy.

“We can’t stop smiling. Greg is so excited because every man would like a boy. Greg got quite emotional but he’s over the moon.”

But then Billie started to talk about names and admitted that she wouldn’t named her son the same name after the father like her sister Sam Faiers did as she continued:

“I definitely won’t be naming him ‘baby Greg’ like Sam’s baby Paul. We might make the middle name Gregory but it won’t be a first name,”

Bless her we really cant wait to see the little one once it’s born.

Sam Faiers Admits She And Paul Knightley Do Have Sex As The Mummy Diaries Continues


Last week Sam Faiers was left embarrassed after one of the film crew asked her if her and boyfriend Paul Knightley have sex after Sam admitted that their baby Paul sleeps in their bed every night and how she would rather buy a bigger bed than not have him in the bed.

Now on Wednesday’s night episode of The Mummy Diaries Sam admitted that her and Paul do have sex!

Talking during a girls’ takeaway night Sam explained:

‘You just make time. We’re young and fit.’

Then Sam’s sister Billie Faiers decided to turn the air blue as she said:

‘You don’t want to have sex for a good couple of months until it’s all healed.
‘No one told me what you’d go through after down there. I couldn’t even sit on the toilet seat and get up without being like “aaaargh”.’

Of course we did know that they do have sex because they are only young and of course Sam has plenty of babysitters who would look after Paul when they have a night away.

Billie Faiers Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump On Inastagram


She has two-year-old Nellie and now it seem’s Billie Faiers doesn’t have long until she’s a mother again.

Billie has shared a selfie showing off her baby bum on Instagram as she posed in the mirror wearing black lacy underwear.

She literally is glowing and it’s lovely to see.

Billie Faiers Annouces She’s Pregnant With Her Second Child! 

So cute. 

Billie Faiers has announced that sjit is having her second child. 

The former Towie start broke the news on Instagram by sharing a photo of her boyfriend Gregg Shepherd laying on the bed with their daughter Nelly laying on his back. 

She said along with the photo:

And then there were four.”

So cute and what a lovely way to break the news. 

Congratulations to them both 

Billie Faiers Looks Great Dressed In A Yellow Bikini

Billie Faiers gave birth to her first child last year but now she has showen off her toned tummy as she posed for a selfie in a yellow bikini. Billie who is curently on holiday said along with the photo: ‘Loving my bikini by @bahimibeachwear …. holiday #selfie.’ She really does look great.