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Emma Willis Weeps As She Presents The Last Ever Big Brother Final

Last night was a sad night for Emma Willis and Big Brother fans as it was the last ever final of the show.

Emma cried and weep throughout the show and her voice kept on breaking while she spoke before breaking down alongside Big Brother Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark-Neal.

Emma was snapped drying her eyes during the add break as she just couldn’t believe that her beloved Big Brother was over.

Cameron Cole was voted the series winner and at the end of the show Emma said:

‘Thank you to the 300 plus production team that work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you our very special show.

‘To Davina [McCall], Marcus, and Brian, who have paved the way as hosts. To all of the ‘Big Brother’ housemates that have taken part over the last 18 years, and to all of you at home.

‘Whether you’ve been here for the long haul, or you’ve recently climbed on board, with you, we would never have lasted 18 years.

‘But most of all, thank you to Big Brother for being the best big brother to me. Like any sibling he has made me laugh uncontrollably, scream in frustration, and weep with sadness and joy.

‘I will love you always, but it’s time now for this house to hopefully find a new home. Thank you so much for watching.’

We have to say it was such an emotinal show and we so hope that another channel takes it over.

Chloe Ferry Leaves Celebrity Big Brother Viewers Shocked As She Defends Rodrigo Alves For Using The N-word

Chloe Ferry Leaves Celebrity Big Brother Viewers Shocked As She Defends Rodrigo Alves For Using The N-word

Viewers to Celebrity Big Brother after show Bit On The Side have been left furious after Chloe Ferry appeared and defended Rodrigo Alves use of the n-word during Friday night’s episode.

It was during a conversation on the episode when Rodrigo admitted that his type is a ‘n*****.

Presenter Rylan asked Carol Griffin who was on the show in 2013 how she felt about getting a final warning when she said:

‘You don’t want to be thrown out for something silly like that. It does make you feel stupid, because you are warned about everything before you go in.

Chloe then said:

 ‘I think he’s a very nice person, and I feel like he didn’t mean to say it. I really really like him and I think he didn’t mean to say it. But he did say it.’


Big Brother’s Raph Has Been On The Show Before!

Big Brother's Raph Has Been On The Show Before!

He’s confessed that he is the biggest Big Brother fan going after admitting that he was watched every series and even the over seas shows too but Raph has a secret Big Brother past.

The BB nerd has appeared a number of times on Big Brother after show Bit On The Side as the photo above taken in 2013 shows Raphael Korine sitting right at the front of the show presented by Emma Willis.

Other nerds of the show have been sharing screenshots of Raph sitting in the audience of the after show as you can see above.

He really does love the show.

Stephanie Davis Talks About What Would Happen If Her Baby Was Brought Up In Big Brother

Stephanie Davis Talks About What Would Happen If Her Baby Was Brought Up In Big Brother

She was involved in some of the biggest screens in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016 but now Stephanie Davis has been talking about what would have happened if someone would have brought up her baby Caben in a row in the house.

Davis was on Bit On The Side on Monday night to talk about what was going on in the house when Rylan Clark-Neil asked Davis on her opinion about the row what went on Isabelle Warburton and Lotan Carter that led to his ejection from the house.

Isabelle questioned Lotan about how he was being a bad role model for his son and that caused Lotan to throw a beer all over his other housemates.

Stephanie then said:

“From the viewers point of view I think he’s had enough warnings. He came across as too arrogant.

“Did he deserve to go over what others did? I don’t know.

“If someone brought my son into it, I’m quite a fiery person as it is, you can imagine what I’d be like.

“And you don’t know until you’re in that situation so you can’t judge.”

We have to say we think that if anyones child was brought up when they didn’t want them to any one would kick off.

Kim Woodburn Urges Big Brother’s Lotan Carter To “Masterbate” While In The House

Kim Woodburn Urges Big Brother's Lotan Carter To "Masterbate" While In The House

Trust Kim Woodburn to state the facts and to tell it how it is.

In the Big Brother house tensions are rising and have been since the series started but now Kim has been on Bit On The Side via video giving some of the housemates advice.

Kim told house hunk Lotan Carter to “masterbate” as he was on last nights episode talking about his “morning glory”

Kim said in the video:

“Sex in the house… we’re all human beings. The urge gets to you. You get randy. For god sake go and masturbate. Have some pride.”

Trust Kim to tell it how it is.

Calum Best Blames His ‘Crazy’ Life After He Misses Appearance On ITV’s Lorraine After Night Partying In A Strip Club!

Lets hope that he’s not going down the bad path again.

Calum Best has balmes his ‘crazy’ life on why he missed his early morning appearance on ITV’s Lorraine show to talk about his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Calum who was evicted fromt hat famous house on Tuesday went partying to a strip club the same night with fellow evictee Jamie O’Hara and then failed to turn up to the ITV studios.

It was not just Lorraine Kelly’s show what he failed to turn up too as he missed his appearance on Bit On The Side too.

Taking to his Twitter account the hunk tweeted on Thursday:

‘Sincerest apologies to @bbuk #bbbots and @ITVLorraine been crazy I’ll since leaving the house. Will make it up [sic],’

Lets hope that he is ok and not going back to his old ways.