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Rebekah Vardy Announces She Has To Have Emergency Breast Augmentation To Removed ‘Rippled’ Implants

Rebekah Vardy has announced that she has to have her breast implants removed next week after her implants have ‘rippled’.

Rebekah who appeared on Loose Women on Thursday afternoon confessed that she ‘reluctantly’ has to go under the knife to have the implants sorted as soon as possible to get the problem sorted.

She said:

‘I’m having my implants removed in my boobs.

‘They want to check them and take them out. They’re ripping. I think it’s from breastfeeding, where they grow.


More news to come…

Charlotte Crosby Shows Off Her ‘Boob Job’ In New Insatgram Snap!

Charlotte Crosby boob job

Charlotte Crosby is no stranger to going under the knife but now she has spakred bppb job rumors after her latest Instagram photo has been shared.

Charlotte took to her Instagram on Wednesday evening where she was posing in a swimming costume and showed off her massive breasts.

Crosby has never confirmed that she has had a breast enlargement but by the looks of the photo above she has definitely had something done.

She looks fab.

Charlotte Crosby Confirms Boob Job

On Tuesday we told you that Charlotte Crosby had gone under the knife to fix her boobs what she wasnt happy with.

Now Charlotte has spoken about going under the knife and said that she felt her boobs were “deformed” because of a condition that made it look like they were stuck together.

Talking to Heat Magazine, Crosby said:

“I did it [had the surgery] because of the comments I got online about my boobs…

“My uniboob [made] me feel under-confident… It [the condition] really limited what I could wear without people saying, ‘What the f***’s wrong with her boobs?’…

She continued:

“I didn’t want to always have to wear high necks so you couldn’t see the middle of my boobs. Even when I wore a bikini on holiday I had to cover the middle bit…

“If a picture of me is online, people say things like ‘What is wrong with her boobs? They’re deformed! They’re stuck together’.”

Glad that now she is happy but she shouldn’t change herself because of what other people say.

Love Island’s Jessica Shears To Have Breast Reduction

Love Island's Jessica Shears To Have Breast Reduction

Love Island’s Jessica Shears was no stranger to showing off her body in the villa but now Jess has said that she is planning a breast reduction to sort out her “weird boobs”.

Recently Jess has been speaking to Ok Magazine where she talked about he boob job what she had done a few years ago.

She said:
“Yes, I had my boobs done when I was 20 or 21, but I didn’t make a very well-advised decision about them.
“They didn’t turn out great and I suffered a lot of side effects. I’ve been looking at getting them reduced.”

Jess has spoke to surgeons about how she believes that the implant is too heavy for her skin as she continued:

 “I’ve got rippling and what they call bottoming out, which is when the implant is too heavy for the skin.

“I’ve found a surgeon, it’s just figuring out when I can fit it in, and exactly what I want done.
“They’re way too big. I shouldn’t have got that big on a implant over the muscle at such a young age.”


Jemma Lucy Announces She Wants To Have Her G Boobs Made Bigger!

She already has a whopping size G boobs but now Jemma Lucy has annouced on Snapchat that she wants to have them made bigger.

Taking to her Snapchat she said:

‘I’m going bigger!’

Jemma was talking to her friend during the conversation but her pal wasn’t too keen on her having them made bigger as she shouted:

‘You don’t need another boob job!’

Her boobs are so massive and she really doesn’t need to have them made bigger.

Kylie Jenner Poses Showing Off Her Toned Body Just A She Causes Boob Job Speculation

Kylie Jenner Poses Showing Off Her Toned Body Just A She Causes Boob Job Speculation

Kylie Jenner has proved that she doesn’t give two damns about the boob job rumors as she posed for a new Instagram photo showing off her uber toned body as she posed with her hand up to her head.

The reality star looked fantastic following the speculation that she has had a boob job after her boobs looked a lot bigger that normal as she was dressed in a thigh top.

She looks great and her bodys is simply amazing.