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Love Island’s Laura Anderson Is Planning On Having 32E Boob Implants Removed After 11 Years!

All summer she was flashing her body in a bikini in the Love Island villa but now it seems Laura Anderson is planning on changing the way she looks.

Laura has said that she is thinking about having her 32E breast implants removed after having them for 11 years now.

In a post she shared on Instagram Laura asked:

‘This is a bit random to do on social media but can anyone recommend a good surgeon in London.  ‘I need to get these big babilon baps removed that I’ve had for 11 years.’ (sic)   ‘#TITSMCGEE needs a break.’

Sheridan Smith Causes Concern For Her Fans As She Flashes Her Bra During Live Performanc


Sheridan Smith has cased little concern for her fans after she flashed her boobs and her underwear at a gig in Edinburgh.

The actress was on the stage when she decided to flash her boobs at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Thursday.

The Sun has said that during the performance Sheridan responded to a male fan in the front row by giving him her hotel room number as she shouted out:

‘341 Malmasion’

Apparently she was drinking vodka thought the performances too.

More information to come.

Phillip Schofield Left Shocked Over Woman With HUGH Boobs As He Ask’s ‘How Big Are Yours?’

He never fails to make us laugh.

Phillip Schofield has had a shock today on This Morning after he was faced (excuse the pun) with three woman with super sized boobs.

Phillip was sitting in the studio next to his co-presenter Holly Willoughby while they had two women in the studio with huge boobs and a woman on video link from America with even bigger boobs.

The three woman talked about how they love their boobs and would like them even bigger that they already are.

The girls have boobs size 34M and 34OO after the use of “expanders” to make them bigger what allows saline to be pumped into the boob without the use of surgery.

Dolly talked about her boobs saying:

“I was never happy because they were small – they were a C cup.

“I just love big breasts and I think I am more obsessed than guys can be and I love the attention they can get.”

Mary just simply said:

 “I love big boobs.”

Presenter Holly then said:

“I’m very aware to not look down.”

To what Phillip replied:

“How do you think I feel?”

Starting off the interview with Lily who was on the skype call he Schofield said:

“Good gracious!

“How big are yours?”

Lily who’s a midwife has size 340cc she said that doesn’t wear a bra and never gets back pain from her huge boobs.

she said:

“Once you get to know me, you don’t see them as much – you see past them,”

“I have never had a goal in mind.

“I just like the look and I like them bigger – I still haven’t found the level I’m happy with.”

We would loved to have seen Phillip’s reactions when they walked out the door.

Rebekah Vardy Announces She Has To Have Emergency Breast Augmentation To Removed ‘Rippled’ Implants

Rebekah Vardy has announced that she has to have her breast implants removed next week after her implants have ‘rippled’.

Rebekah who appeared on Loose Women on Thursday afternoon confessed that she ‘reluctantly’ has to go under the knife to have the implants sorted as soon as possible to get the problem sorted.

She said:

‘I’m having my implants removed in my boobs.

‘They want to check them and take them out. They’re ripping. I think it’s from breastfeeding, where they grow.


More news to come…

Scarlett Moffatt Flashes Breasts In New Insatgram Snap

She’s no stranger to posing for instagram photos but now Scarlett Moffatt has flashed her chest while posing for her latest Instagram update.

The former Gogglebox star was dressed in a red dress and flashed the flesh while looking into the camera.

This sis the second time in a week that Scarlett has flashed the flesh as she did on Saturday where there was a photo of hr rumored love interest Ant McPartlin beside her bed.

Charlotte Crosby Shows Off Her ‘Boob Job’ In New Insatgram Snap!

Charlotte Crosby boob job

Charlotte Crosby is no stranger to going under the knife but now she has spakred bppb job rumors after her latest Instagram photo has been shared.

Charlotte took to her Instagram on Wednesday evening where she was posing in a swimming costume and showed off her massive breasts.

Crosby has never confirmed that she has had a breast enlargement but by the looks of the photo above she has definitely had something done.

She looks fab.