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Katie Price Admits She’s Had More ‘Boxtox Than Hot Dinners’ During This Morning Chat With Georgia Toffolo

She’s no stranger to admitting that she has had many cosmetic procedures but no Katie Price has said that she has had more botox ‘than hot dinners’ during a conversation filmed for This Morning with Georgia Toffolo.

Georgia was interviewing Katie backstage at Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway when she asked Katie “Who would be the best spy out of you lot? while Judy Murray, Christopher Biggins and Alan Shearer where in the background to what Katie said:

 “I’ve had more Botox than hot dinners, my face doesn’t say anything.”


Trinny Woodall Admits She’s Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After ‘Feeling G****** Ugly’

Trinny Woodall Admits She's Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After 'Feeling G****** Ugly'

She’s been on our TV screens for years and years not but Trinny Woodall has admitted that she is not ashamed of having botox as she admitted that she felt ‘f****** ugly’ since she turned 30.

The This Morning fashion presenter admitted that she ‘loves’ having the the cosmetic treatment, explaining her desire to ‘look her best’.

Talking to Telegraph’s Stella magazine she said:

‘I’m still having Botox – I started at 35 – and I love it.

‘I’m not ashamed of wanting to look my best and of wanting other women, of any age but particularly of my age, to look as good as they can.’

She then continued to say that having spots as a teenager has made her feel negative about the way she looks as she continued:

‘I felt so f****** ugly until well into my 30s… I don’t think anyone realises how long that feeling of repulsiveness lasts,’


Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha has revealed on Loose Women Thursday afternoon that she has been having botox in her face to try and stop herself from grinding her teeth because she has been told that she could lose her teeth because of this habit.

Sawalha has been diagnosed with Bruxism, what is excessive grinding causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

Nadi admitted that the unorthadox treatment has helped but she has already lost one tooth die to her condition.

Nadia said to the other Loose Women:

‘I really do sympathise with Demi Moore because she has the same thing that I do, which is Bruxism, that’s the official term.

She then continued to say:

‘It’s actually teeth grinding. And I grind my teeth so badly, I grind them front and back and side to side. My jaw is almost a bit dislocated.

‘I have to go to very extreme measures. I actually had botox. I have botox injected into the muscle there because otherwise, I could potentially loose all my teeth.’

A video was shown live on the show of her having the treatment as she revealed that she is having it every six months to help with her problem.

Holly Willoughby Left Squirming As Doctor Does Botox And Fillers Live On This Morning

Phobia of needles Holly??

Holly Willoughby has been left squirming as a doctor performs botox and filler live on This Morning.

While the blonde was introducing the item on the show she was making faces to the camera to say that she is not keen on what was about to happen and had a look of shock on her face thought the whole thing.

During the item Holly said thats he could “hit the deck”.

Throughout the segment Holly kept on asking the lady if it was hurting but she kept on saying that it was fine.

We cant see Holly going to get any fillers anytime soon can you??

Carol Vorderman Shocks I’m A Celeb Viewers With Her ‘Frozen Face’

Carol Vorderman Shocks I'm A Celeb Viewers With Her 'Frozen Face'

Carol Vorderman entered the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here last night as we where al watching but it wasn’t her antics on the show what got people talking.

Viewers where talking about Carol’s face and how it seemed ‘frozen’ on the show.

Carol was accused of going under the knife and the needle by the viewers.

Watching the show one Twitter user said:

Carol Vorderman has actually modified her face beyond all recognition. Blimey… Catching up on #ImACeleb – what the hell has happened to Carol Vorderman’s face?!

Another said:

‘Wtf has carol vorderman done to her face… CHRIST LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FACE?? WHERE DID YOU GET IT DONE?

We have to say we where thinking the same her face no longer does move.

What do you think??

TOWIE Fans Slamm Lauren Goodger As They Ask What Has She Done To Her Face?!


She hasn’t been on our screens for a while now but tonight Lauren Goodger returned to The Only Way Is Essex.

The reality star returned to the show and received a lot of backlash online after people where asked what exactly she has done to her face.

As we told you yesterday Lauren was back on the show to support Megan McKenna after she found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been sexting other women while he was with her.

One person tweeted:

“Oh FFS don’t need Lauren Goodger on my screen,”

As another said:

“OMG, Lauren Goodger is back… why?”

She does change her appearance a lot with Lip fillers and botox.

She does need to stop because it wont be long until it looks a little off.