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Love Island Girls Twerk To Pop Balloons With Their Bottoms During Task

Tonight it heated up on Love Island as the girls had to take part in a tash seeing them twerking to pop balloons with their bottoms.

The girls got a text telling about the text as it read:

Girls, it’s time to drop it like it’s hot in today’s challenge ‘Battle of the Booties.’ Each girl can decide whether to take part or not.

“The winner will get a date with the new boy tonight! #bootylicious #toobigforyourbooty”

The girls seemed to be enjoying htemselfs as they popped the balloon with their bottoms all to win a date with the new boy.

Katie Price Flashes Her Bottom In Lacy Underwear As She Has More Bum Lift Treatment


She’s no stranger to flashing the flesh but now Katie Price has shown off the results of having more non-surgical bum lift.

Katie shared a photo on Instagram of her new bottom dressed in just her lacy underwear as she put her bum up in the air.

The bum lift is clearly working for Katie.

Kourtney Kardashian Admits She Does 100 Squats Before She Goes Into The Shower Every Day!


So that’s how she gets that sexy ass.

Kourtney Kardashian has admitted that every single day she does 100 squats every single day before she goes in the shower and starts her day to get that ass.

Kourt admitted on This Morning today that she has a six-day-a-week regime.

She said:

‘If bikini time is coming up or something I want to be shape for I’ll do dips on my bathtub and no matter what I’ll do 100 squats before I get in the shower. That way I won’t forget.’

She then continued to say:

‘I try to work out six days a week, I love to switch it up, having a workout partner motivates me.

‘I usually work out with [my sister] Khloe and we have two trainers who we alternate between.

‘Once in a while, when I’m feeling anxious, we’ll say let’s do boxing but usually we leave it up to the trainer because I think it’s good to shock your body.’

Kourtney also admitted that she drinks avocado smoothie in the morning to get her skin all shiney as she continued to say:

‘I make an avocado smoothie in the morning,’  ‘It makes my skin glow my hair really healthy everyone asks why my hair is so shiny.

She really does work so hard on her body and it’s good to hear her teach us some of her tips.

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Pert Bottom In New Online Snap

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Pert Bottom In New Online Snap

What a lovely bottom!

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to showing off her body but now the model has showed off her peach bottom on Instagram.

The model who often shares snaps of parts of her anatomy shared the photo of her eedling on a beach while someone takes the snap of her bottom what is covered in sand.

Along with the photo she said:

‘In the ‘bu with my boo,’

We don’t personally think anyone is looking at the water.

Olly Murs Flashes His Bottom On ITV’s Lorraine

Olly Murs Flashes His Bottom On ITV's Lorraine

Olly Murs has been living up to his cheeky chappy ways on ITV’s Lorraine.

The singer was on the show to talk about his return to music when they decided to show a snap of him bearing his bare bottom on the TV screen behind him.

Show’s host Lorraine Kelly looked all a flutter while she gaxed at Olly cheeky behind.

The photo was taken back in 2011 when Olly took part in a BT charity trek for Comic Relief.

He is just sooo cheeky, check out the photo after the jump.

If his recent Twitter photo is anything to go by Olly just loves to get naked!

GRABS: Olly Murs on Lorraine

GRABS: Olly Murs on Lorraine

Lauren Goodger Could End Up In Court Over Her Bottom Photo Because She STOLE It From A Model

Lauren Goodger Could End Up In Court Over Her Bottom Photo Because She STOLE It From A Model

Lauren Goodger Could End Up In Court Over Her Bottom Photo Because She STOLE It From A Model

Lauren Goodger shared a photo of her bottom a few weeks ago but now it’s looking like the photo could end her up in deep water.

A US model Carmen Ortega has claimed that the photo was her and Lauren stole the photo from her and by looking at the photo above it looks that was as you can see by the times the photo was posted.

Now the american model has said that she is going to take Lauren to…

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