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Katie Price Back In Contact With Ex-fiance Leandro Penna’ After Break Down Of Her Marriage

Katie Price Back In Contact With Ex-fiance Leandro Penna’ After Break Down Of Her Marriage

Well this is a new one..

It’s been reported that Katie Price is back in contact with her former fiance Leandro Penna after the break down of her marriage with Kieran Hayler.

The pair who were engaged for six months back in 2012 are apparently back in contact with one and other as a source has said to Close Magazine:

“She’s been in touch with Leandro. He got in contact when he heard about her mum, and they’ve been speaking regularly.

“They met up in Miami earlier this year and she told him what was going on in her marriage too. She’s fond of him.”

The pair broke up when Leandro told The Sun that Katie had spent the night at Simon Cowell’s house and that’s when he broke the engagement off.

Pete Wicks And Megan McKenna Are Over??

Pete Wicks And Megan McKenna Are Over??

Wow we thought they where good.

New news just broke in sources is that Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are over again after the pair had a massive fall out.

Pete and Megan have been the ‘best they have ever been’ just lately but it seems with Megan’s music career taking off so successfully it has taken it’s tole on her relationship.

The pair have been having lots of rows lately according to sources as this comes after news broke earlier this year that Pete had been sexting his ex Jacqui Ryland behind Megan’s back.

A source has said:

“Megan and Pete have given their relationship everything – but it still hasn’t been enough.

“After an amazing start they have been arguing a lot again and neither of them can handle the stress and pressure of constant rows.

“They are constantly falling out – there’s no guarantee that they won’t rekindle again.”

Such a shame.

Lets hope that they can sort things out and get back together.

Lauren Goodger Ends Relationship With Jailbird Lover Joey Morrison

They have only meet each other a number of times but now Lauren Goodger has ended her relationship with Joey Morrison who is currently in prison.

This comes after Lauren has had a very public spat with her former flame Mark Wright and it has all played out on social media.

Lauren has tweeted a number of times that her relationship is over and how she is going to move on to better things and annouced that she is going to get another phone for a clean start.

Love Islands Marcel Snogs New Girl In Villa Breaking Gabby’s Heart WATCH HERE!!

Love Islands Marcel Snogs New Girl In Villa Breaking Gabby's Heart

We are simply heartbroken what a D***.

In the Love Island villa Gabby and Marcel where the strongest couple but it seems all that is going to change on Friday night as viewers will see Marcel song one of the new girls who entered the villa on Thursday.

Everyone was thinking that it was going to be Kem who snoggs one of the new girls first but we are just broken that it was Marcel and all of our respect for him has gone out of the window.

Marcel and Gabby have only been a part in the two separate villas only one day and he decided to put his tongue down another girl’s throat.

This really is going to break Gabby’s heart we cant believe it at all.

What do you think??

Jessica Shears Admits Mike Thalassitis DID Go Back To Her Hotel But Not To Have Sex

It’s been the talk of the last few weeks but now Jessica Shears has cleared up rumors and admitted that Mike Thalassitis did go back to her hotel room but not t have sex.

Jess said that her and Mike are really good friends and she only has eyes from her Dom Lever who’s still in the villa.

Talking to the Daily Star Shears said:

“I would never do that to Dom, “I’ve been called a whore and worse – even my little sister is being bullied and it’s not true.”

She then continued:

“Then at Aftersun I did stupidly put my hand on his knee which I regret, but I am a tactile person, I would have done that to anyone,”

“When Mike left, he left with all his mates, we were never alone in the hotel room together,”

The pair do make such a good couple and we hope that they do get together in the outside world when Dom leaves the villa.

Love Islands Kem Thretents To Walk From Show After Newbies Simon And Tyla Come Between Him And Amber

It really is heating up in that villa.

Kem has threatened to walk from the Love `Island villa after new people `Simon and Tula have gotten between him and his new Love Amber.

This has come after Ambers speech about the recouperling last week and it really has questioned his relationship with the brunette.

Talking to Chris, Kem said:

“I’m really not happy mate. I just can’t be myself anymore. This is not Kem. When she said, ‘We’ll be friends for the rest of the time.’ Muggy. Worst speech I’ve ever heard.”

But he’s not the only person who is concerned as Amber told Montana:

 “What’s hard for me is like, straightaway he came over, he put his arm on the bench, didn’t put his arm around me, Marcel came and absolutely cuddled Gabby, Jonny sat next to Camilla and cuddled her and I just feel like he doesn’t like me.

“He gives me this vibe that I can’t explain. I don’t know if he genuinely actually wants this to happen.”

They both then had a heart to heart and Amber kepted on breaking down in tears.

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