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Just Why Did Chyna Ellis And Jordan Davies Split Us?

With the new series of Ibiza Weekend airing at the moment viewers have seen the start of the relationship between Chyna Ellis and Jordan Davies.

The pair both first meet as they are reps in the ITVBe show and their romance blommomed over the last couple of episodes.

But with that series being filmed last autumn now they are no longer together but why did their relationship come to an end?

Chyna has said that Jordan became  “bit intense.”

Talking just before Christmas Chyna said:

“It’s a bit of an awkward one to be honest. We were together, but we’re not anymore. I dumped him.”

Then speaking at a recent event she said:

“I do really like Jordan, he’s a lovely boy but he’s too much for me right now.

“I just want to focus on myself. I wish him all the best.”

Olivia Attwood Hints That Relationship To Chris Hughes Is Over!

Olivia Attwood Admits Her Relationship With Chris Hughes Is 'Testing'

We hope not!

Olviia Attwood has hinted that her relationship with Chris Hughes might be over.

The pair who meet on Love Island hinted that her and Chris are over again after sharing a post on socila media on Tuesday afternoon.

Attwood shared on Twitter that her ‘heart hurts’ and claimed she was ‘cursed’ then saying that ‘men ain’t s**t’.

It’s been said before that the blonde beauty is giving Chris ‘one last chance’ after she forgave him for kissing a girl in a nightclub to what he has apoplogised on Twitter about.

Katie Price To Spend Christmas With Cheating Husband Kieran Hayler

It’s looking like family matters at Christmas around Katie Price’s house as she is going to be spending the big day with her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

there months of speculation about if she is going to have him back after finding out that he had cheated on her for time after she had him back but now it relly is looking good for the pair.

The sun has been reported that Hayler will be at home with Katie this christmas and their two childrena plus three of Katie’s children.

Reports have said that Katie wants to try and make things work as the source said:

 “Katie has invited Kieran and his parents to spent Christmas with her and the kids in her house – and they’ll all be there on the day.

“It’s Pete’s turn with Princess and Junior this year, so it’ll be Kieran, his parents, Bunny, Jett and Harvey.

“Everyone’s saying this is the biggest sign that she’s taken Kieran back, because it’s one thing for him to see his kids on Christmas day, but to have his entire family there is another.

“I mean, Kieran has never even moved out.”

The source then continued o say to The Sun:

“Katie always goes really over the top at Christmas and buys loads of gifts and decorates the house, and she’s saying she wants a ‘proper family Christmas’ this year.”

Lets hope they have a happy christmas.

Charlotte Crosby Deletes All Snaps Of Herself With Ex Boyfriend Stephen Bear Off Instagram

She use to fill her Instagram account with photos of herself with boyfriend Stephen Bear when they where together but now they have split Charlotte Crosby has decided to deleted them all of her account.

Charlotte has gone though her profile and deleted every single image of them together and just photos of him on her account confirming that the relationship will never rekindle.

Along with the delete Charlotte tweeted on her Twitter profile:

“Erase it all. Like it didn’t exist. And start again”

It’s good to have a clearout.

Katie Price Insists She’s Not Back With Cheating Husband Kieran Hayler

With Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler still living with ehr and the family people have been thinking that she has forgive him after she found out that he had been cheating on her for the second time with the children’s nannie.

Now Katie has hit back at them fans and said that she is not with him and that he is just living with them.

Katie has now said to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, that she will not be giving him a second chance.

She said:

‘He’ll always be in my life just like Pete [Andre] will always be in my life – I’ve got kids with them. Do people need to see a removal lorry leaving my house?

‘People can say what they like, I know what’s going on. He’s a cheat, and I’m not putting up with it. That’s it.’

He does have to still be in their lives for the kids sake.

She really isnt holding back.

Megan Mckenna Spotted Leaving Her Essex Home With Ex Boyfriend Harry Eden Just Days After Splitting From Pete Wicks

Megan McKenna has been spotted out in Essex on Friday afternoon leaving her house with her ex boyfriend Harry Eden.

The brunette was dressed in a grey tracksuit as she got into her car with her former flame behind her getting in the car too.

Both Harry and Megan couldnt look at the paparazzi and they both seemed embarrassed as they headed out at lunch time.