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Britney Spears Calls Herself An ‘Ugly Duckling’ With ‘Bad Teeth’ As She Reveals Childhood Insecurities

It seems like Britney Spears is not as confidant as we thought.

The singer has been talking about the pain of her crippling insecurities during her childhood as she admitted that she was a “ugly duckling” with “bad teeth” before she became

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Britney Spears Shouts Out Ex Justin Timberlake In Her First ‘TikTok’

Well we didn’t expect this at all.

Britney Spears is not on TikTok but she has made the next best thing.

Creating a TikTok styled video Britney has been shouting her ex Justin Timberlake’s name out.

It was on Wednesday afternoon when

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Britney Spears Can’t Remember Where The ‘It’s Britney, Bitch’ Line Came From!


Whenever you think of Britney Spears the line “It’s Britney, bitch” ls never too far from our lips.

Now the singer has admitted that she just can’t remember where that line came from.

Talking on Monday the singer said during an

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Liam Payne Only Follows Cheryl On Instagram As He Unfollows Everyone Else

Liam Payne Shares Soppy Instagram Pose To Love Cheryl

Liam Payne has decided to do a Kanye West and only follow his lady Cheryl on Instagram.

Liam who followed a few hundred people on the photo sharing site had unfollowed everyone apart from Cheryl just as she prepares to have his baby.

Liam has 11.9

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