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Camilla Thurlow Hints That There Could Be Wedding Bells With Boyfriend Jamie Jewitt

They both fell in love with each other on Love Island but it seems their relationship has gone from strength to strength since leaving the villa.

Camilla Thurlow has confessed to the Daily Mail that there could be wedding bells between herself and Jamie Jewitt as their 18 month relationship has just kept on blossoming.

The humanitarian said that she would ‘love’ to get married and we have to say we adore this couple they are made for one and other.

Helen Skelton Batters Camilla Thurlow In Charity Boxing For Sport Relief

Tonight was a big night for Helen Skelton and Camilla Thurlow after they took part in a charity boxing match for Sport Relief.

At the start of the fight Camilla looked like she would be winning but it all soon turned around as Helen took center stage and batter Camilla and won the fight.

Viewers started to comment on Twitter and just couldn’t believe their eyes on how Helen fighted.

One person tweeted:

Wouldn’t want to meet Helen Skelton in a dark alley!  #Brutal #SportRelief

While another said:

Helen Skelton is quite hard isn’t she!  #SportRelief

She really did go in on Camilla but they both did amazing.

Love Islands Camilla Flashes Boobs In New Nerver Seen Before Photo

shes the lady of the Love Island villa but now people’s options are going to change Of Camilla.

In new never seen photos it shows Camilla flashing her boobs at the makers while she seems to be at a concert outside in a filed.

Dressed in just a top what was unbuttoned flsqhsing her bra and her boobs Camilla looked like she was having a lovely time.

Footage has also been published as the And time as the photos have been taken what they date back to just a year ago.


Love Island’s Camilla And Jaime Have Sex For First Time In Love Island Villa

Love Island's Camilla And Jaime Have Sex For First Time In Love Island Villa

The question on the nation’s lips on Sunday night was did they or didn’t they.

We are talking about Love Island of course and the scenes what where shown of Camilla and Jamie getting steamy under the covers and it looked like they where having sex but nothing was confirmed until now.

Camilla has confirmed to Montana that her and Jamie did have sex as she confessed that “Jamie put it in her”.

The pair looked like they where having the best of times under the covers and we think that it will bring Camilla out of her shell now.

Love Island’s Camilla Admits Her And Jamie Had Sex

Love Islands Camilla has confessed that her and Jamie have had sex.

Her and Montana where in the dressing room in the villa when she confessed that Jamie put her penis in her.

Bending over to whisper to Montana, `Camilla said:

“Jamie put it in me last night”

viewers to the show have been left completely shocked that they finally have had sex but it seems that they are also p,ease that she has found some one who she likes.

Love Islands Tyla Carr Hit By Vile Trolls Telling Her To “Die” And Calling Her A “Homewrecking S***”

She broke up on of the stingiest couples in the Love Island villa but now Tyla Carr has been bombarded with death threats.

Johnny Mitchel was coupled up with Camilla Thurlow but then when Johnny saw Tyla enter the villa he broke it off with Cam to see a Tyla.

Now Tyla has been bombarded with death threats on social media after last nights episode where she was sniffing Johnnys face off.

Viewers branded Card a ‘homewrecking s**t’ after she struck up a romance with ‘secret millionaire’ Jonny Mitchell – the ex of series favourite Camilla.

The trolls have also said that they want to “punch” Tyla and they are really getting wound up that she is still on the reality show.

One Twitter user tweeted:

‘Gonna punch Tyla’s face in I hate her if Jonny picks her someone give me the address to the villa I just want to chat with Tyla.’

Some of the comments have been vile online.