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Eamonn Holmes Cuddles Dying Mum As She Breaks Down On This Morning

Today was a very sad episode of This Morning as Ruth Langsford and Easmonn Holmes where interviewing a mum who is terminally ill.

During the interview Lisa Wells talked about how she developed bowel cancer during her second pregnancy and she tough the symptoms where just down to bad pregnancy but in December of last year she was told that she only has two months to live,

Hearing this awful news Lisa started to fundraiser for her family and their future,

She stared to cry during the interview causing Eamonn to stand up and hug the  mum of two.

It was such a sad interview.

Stephen Fry Annouces He’s Had His Prostate Removed Following Cancer Diagnosis

So sad!

Stephen Fry has announced that he has been forced to have his prostate removed after doctors found out that he had prostate cancer.

The QI presenter broke the news on Friday morning by sharing a video of himself saying that after a routine physical it revealed a higher than average PSA levels and after a MRI scan he was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, a type of cancerous tumor.

His prostate was taken out the first week in January so it wasn’t a good start to the new year for Fry but he said that the cancer has “all been got,” to the doctors knowledge but wont know for sure until his PSA levels are checked.

Have a look at his video below.

Michaela Strachan Finds It Hard To Love Her New Breasts After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

She had the worse diagnoses of her life when she was told that she had breast cancer but now Michaela Strachan has confessed that she doesn’t like her new breasts.

Michaela confessed that she feels lucky to have beaten cancer three years ago but said that her breast are now hard after double mastectomy and mastectomy.

Strachan said on Loose Women on Thursday:

‘They’re as hard as coconuts, I find it very difficult to love them,’ she said. ‘They don’t look the same, they’ve gone a bit wonky.’

 ‘Isn’t it funny, I can hold my breasts on television because they’re not mine.’

We are s glad that she is now over the cancer and she’s looking really well.

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Agent Delroy Anglin Is In remission after Cancer Diagnosis

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away Agent Delroy Anglin Is In remission after Cancer Diagnosis

Yay happy news!

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away star Delroy Anglin has revealed that he is in remission after he was diagnosed with “death sentence” cancer diagnoses.

The bailiff is now in remission just months after he broke the news on social media that he had blood cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant.

Just after he shared the Facebook post more than 100 people signed up to be bone marrow donors to try and save Delroy’s life.

An update on Twitter has now said:

 “Delroy Anglin is now in remission.

“He still has a long way to go but this is definitely a step in the right direction.”

This is fantastic news for Delroy we are super happy for him.

This Morning Doctor Chris Steele Meets A Woman Who Saved Her Life After Breast Cancer Examination Live On The Show

This Morning is the show what everyone loves and often offers some amazing advice but it often is life saving too.

On Sunday at the This Morning Live even Dr Chris Steele meet a woman who he saved her life after she watched Dr Chris do a live breast examination live on the show back in 2015.

Minutes after the segment ended Valerie Thorpe went up to her bathroom to check her breasts and noticed that something was right.

She then went to the doctors and they said that she had stage 3 breast cancer and thanfuly after large amounts of treatment Valerie is fighting fit and is ok and she has Dr Chris to thank for that.

Valerie joined him on the stage to thank him for doing the examination live on the show and that’s what saved her left.

Now Valerie got told that she is cancer free just a few weeks ago.

He really is such a hero.

Coleen Nolan Announces Sister Linda Nolan Has Cancer On Loose Women!

She’s been off the show for a while now but it seems on Monday Coleen Nolan returned to Loose Women with some awful news.

The presenter returned to the show and annouced that her sister Linda Nolan has cancer. The family found out about her illness after she fell up the stairs and was rushed to hospital after the fall and sadly they found something else.

Coleen annouced that the cancer was found in Linda’s hip and it is incurable but she is going to be fine as it’s a cancer that she can live with and be treated.

Coleen had to fight back the tears during the emotional start to the show as she also talked about her own health problems as she said that she has had stress related illness where her face has swollen up.