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Katie Price Hits out At Local Council Over Bad Weather Conditions Despite Being Banned From Driving

Katie Price was banned from driving a couple of weeks ago but now it seems that she might not be sticking to the ban as she has hit out at her local council for not doing anything to the roads with clearing the snow.

Katie took to her Instagram page to share a video where she was shouting about the snow on her car and how bad the roads where.

In the video she said:

“Oh my God, so I’m on my way to the next destination, and how bad are these roads?

“We need to get the people out to come and sort the roads in Kent!”

Then later on she shared a photo of a car crash involving a lorry and wrote on the snap:

“Hope driver ok” alongside a scream emoji.

Katie also shared a photo what was taken out of the car window of how bad the roads where.

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers has been hit out at by Instagram followers after she shared a video of her young son Paul in his car seat.

The reality star shared the video on her instagram page showing the little one in his car seat but her followers had a problem with the way that she had put him in the seat.

Along with the video Sam said:

‘Words can’t describe my love for you my baby… You make me laugh all day long

One person commented on the video and said:

‘Sam – using the car seat like this is not safe’,

While another said:

‘I would say Sam knows what way seat works and wouldn’t put her baby at risk, car might not be moving and she turned him round while stopped.’

We are sure that Sam knows what she is doing.


Katie Price Causes Up Raw As She Parks In A Disabled Parking Space Using Sons Blue Badge To Visit Nail Salon With Harvey No Where To Be Seen!

Katie Price has caused up raw after she used her sons disabled blue badge to park outside of a nail salon to have her nails done where Harvey Price was no wear to be seen. 

Katie who has sone Harvey who is disabled risked a £1,000 fine for using the badge when no disbaled person was in the Car.

Price parked her marcedes van outside the nail salon while she stayed inside. 

She also parked in a “Car Club” bay, reserved for those who’ve paid to belong to a car sharing service.

Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner Talks The Reason She Decided To Get Match Ferrari As Sister Kylie Jenner

It was only recently that Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner got matching Ferrari 488s on the same day.

N ow Kendall has decided to speak about why she decided to get the same style of car as her sister as she said on her website that she liked Kylie’s.

Talking about how she drove her sisters and that’s what made her mind up she said:

“You may have seen Kylie’s snaps of us both getting Ferraris, but the story behind it is so good — it wasn’t planned at all!… After I drove her Ferrari 458 for a week earlier this year, I knew I needed one for myself. I waited because a friend of mine told me that the 488 (the model I have now) was coming out in a few months. So, I kept waiting while my friend looked for one to come to the States.”

Then talking about how Kylie was thinking about up grading her car, Kendall said:

“When there was a model here, I went to check it out with Corey [Gamble]. Afterward, I saw Kylie and she told me she was planning on getting one, too! We thought it was cool that we’d both be driving them around… One day, I was at breakfast with my friend and he told me there was one down the street and that I had to see it. I was finally ready, so I bought it on the spot. I FaceTimed Kylie, saying, ‘Look what I just got!!!’ I told her to go check out the other one, which was local. I met her there just as she was buying it! Then we took all the cheesy snaps, lol. It was funny that we ended up getting them on the same day — because it was so spontaneous.”

They are super stunning cars.

What do you think??

Beverley Knight Left Shaken Over Car Goes Up In Flames


On Monday night Beverley Knight attended the Attitude Awards and to look at her you wouldnt have though nothing was wrong but just minutes before her red carpet appearance her car set on fire!!

Knight was left “really upset” by the fire and has now moved into a hotel el for her safety.

The police where called out to have a look at the car and they have said that cant find if it was dont on purpose or not.

An insider has told The Sun:

“Beverley is really upset by the ordeal and her management has taken her away from the situation,”

“So she’s been booked into the hotel and been given her own bodyguard.”

It’s for the best if she doesn’t feel like she can be in her own home.

Bless her.

A Police spokesman said:

“We were called to reports of a car on fire and investigated to see if it was a result of arson. There’s no evidence to suggest it was started deliberately.”

So scary!

We hope that the police find out more information about this and hope that she feels like she can return home soon.

BREAKING NEWS! Amanda Holden Rushes To Sisters Bedside As She Fights For Her Life After Car Accident!

BREAKING NEWS! Amanda Holden Rushes To Sisters Bedside As She Fights For Her Life After Car Accident!

UPDATE – 09/10/16 – 03:28PM

Amanda has spok for the first time since her sister was rushed to hospital and admitted that she is doing ok. CLICK HERE!!

It’s just been annouced by The Sun that Amanda Holden has rushed to her sister’s Debbie Holden’s bedside as she fights for her life in hospital after a car accident what happened Thursday morning.

Holden dashed from her home in to be at her sister’s side as last night she was in a “critical but stable” in hospital in Cornwall.

A source has reported:

“Amanda is in absolute agony. She’s very close to her sister.”

“She immediately travelled to Cornwall to be with Debbie.

The source continues:

“It’s been a very difficult 48 hours and the whole family have been pulling together and trying to keep positive.

“Amanda is very close to her sister. They’re only a year apart and there’s something about them together which is really special. Amanda’s still with her in hospital.”

It was only last year that poor Debbie escaped an earthquake in Nepal in April last year.

We hope she gets well soon.

We will keep you posted on this story.