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Marvin and Rochelle Humes Talk About their Favorite Sex Positions During Celebrity Juice Appearance

Marvin and Rochelle Humes are still in love no doubt but tonight on Celebrity Juice the pair talked about how they like to make love.

The married couple where appearing on the ITV comedy show hosted by Keith Lemon when they got on the subject of their favorite sex positions.

Keith set up a Mr and Mrs-style game, where he go to ask the pair lots of questions and as you can imagine they where all about sex.

Rochelle seems shocked that Keith was asking questions like he was as she shouted out:

For f**k’s sake Keith!’

The couple both answered the question by saying  ‘On top!’

Little too much information there.

Holly Willoughby Dresses In Skimpy Wonder Woman Costume As She Films Celebrity Juice Halloween Special

Holly Willoughby has showed off her recent weight loss as she posed dressed as Wonder Woman for Celebrity Juice Halloween special.

The This Morning presenter looked amazing as she wore the outfit and posed for a number of photos before the filming took place.

Willoughby shared the photos to her Instagram account where she shocked her followers with her slimmer downed frame what seems to have been shrinking over the last few months.

Have a look at the photos above.

Rufus Hound Quit Celebrity Juice After A Row With Kim Woodburn!

So at the time we where all wondering why Rufus Hound quit Celebrity Juice because he was great on there and seemed happy.

Now we have learnt that Kim Woodburn had something to do with him quitting the show after she appeared on the panel show and got into a blazing row with the comedian.

Yesterday if you where watching Kim’s interview on ITV’s This Morning you will have heard Phillip Schofield mention to Kim that she had caused trouble on the funny show to what she denied.

Now a podcast has came to light of Rufus talking to Richard Herring what was broadcasted back in 2013 and he says that he had a ‘personal’ row which spiralled out of control while filming the show which was edited out.

Hound admitted that after the row he never received the support he needed so decided to end his contract with ITV2.

He admitted:

‘She was chatting away to Keith Lemon and he asked her: “Have you got much coming up?”

‘She said, “I don’t think the people who make TV would want me anymore”. And I said, genuinely, honestly, “Don’t do yourself down. People will always need a cleaner”.

‘She looked at me and said something on the lines of, “When I want an opinion of a fat man, I’ll stand outside Gregg’s”.

He continued:

‘It was a proper f*** you, an old-fashioned f*** you, and I just sort of laughed to myself that here she was having a dig because I genuinely hadn’t meant it as an insult. It really f***ing spiralled out of control.’

Then giving a little more info he said:

‘It ended up really horrible. She was trying to be deliberately personal, and by the point it got to that place, I was like, “OK, because I’m a stand-up comedian and if you want to start heckling, I’m good at this”. And so I was personal back.

‘She basically kept saying I was fat. But I did end up saying, “That’s a bit rich coming from a woman who looks like a face drawn on a deflating party balloon”.’

Rufas then said that Kim refused to leave the studio unto he said sorry to her causing the producers of the show to ask him if he could apologize to her.

He then continued to say:

‘She started with the personal stuff. I asked, “Why are you insisting I go and apologise to her? You should say, sorry, it didn’t work out, but it won’t be in the final edit” – and it was not. If you watch it back, we get on famously.

‘But they made me go and apologise, and I was like, “I will do it because you’re my friends. Here’s one thing, though, right?

He followed with:

‘”If I do it, you have to give me a copy of the tape. I know it will never go out. It will never be seen. I will sign whatever it is you need me to sign that says I will never put it on YouTube and I will never show it to people, but I’m sure she started that – by being horrible.

‘”I want to be able to watch it back, because I want to know for my own peace of mind what happened is how I remember it happened”.

‘They said, “Absolutely”. So I was like, okay.’

She would cause a row in a empty room she really would.

We have ti say we liked Rufas on the show and thought he was really good and funny such a shame that eh decided to leave just though Kim.

What do you think?


Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon Dress Up As Gogglebox Stars Steph And Dom For Celebrity Juice Christmas Special


They are known for their posh talk and their drinking alchol but now Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon have dressed us as Steph and Dom from Gogglebox for the Celebrity Juice Christmas Special.

They turned the studio into Steph and Dom’s livingroom and we have to say it look’s exactly the same as the real living room.

Sitting on the sofa Holly and Keith actually looked like the pair as they wore the same clothes too.

They look so good!

Fearne Cotton Goes Makeup Free In Latest Instagram Selfie

Fearne Cotton Goes Makeup Free In Latest Instagram Selfie

She’s no stranger to not wearing makeup but in her latest Instagram snap Fearne Cotton has showed off her natural beauty.

The Celebrity Juice star wore her pyjamas as she gave a thumbs up to the camera and shared the snap with her millions of Instagram followers.

Along with the photo she said:

‘And as if by magic she was back to natural state #getyapjsout.’

We just love them Winnie the Pooh pyjama bottoms and we need them in our lives.

She’s such a beauty.

Holly Willoughby Dresses As A Princess Fair For Celebrity Juice Christmas Special

Holly Willoughby Dresses As A Princess Fair For Celebrity Juice Christmas Special

Holly Willoughby has looked like a Disney princess as she dressed as a fairy princess for the Celebrity Juice christmas special what was filmed on Wednesday night.

The mum of three wore a beautiful white dress as she was styled by her stylist Angie Smith for the festive Juice special.

 Along with the photo she said:

“Fairy Godmother… dress of dreams… please let me wear this every day.”

She simply look’s fantastic.

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