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Educating Manchester To Return For Second Series!

Yay super exciting!

Educating Manchester is going to be returning to our TV screens for a second series.

The much loved show aired last year and has been on nearly every year with different titles such as Educating Essex, Cardiff, Yorkshire and the East End.

The new series will be the biggest yet with a whopping 16 episodes airing 1 episode every single week.

Channel 4 have said:

 “The BAFTA and Emmy award winning ‘Educating’ series has given viewers years of moving, funny and dramatic insights into school life and Channel 4 has commissioned a new series at Harrop Fold.”

Yay love this news we are super excited for this series.

Such a fantastic show.

Gogglebox Viewers Left Shocked At The Way Jeremy Corbin Opens Bag Of Celebrations Chocolates

Gogglebox Viewers Left Shocked At The Way Jeremy Corbin Opens Bag Of Celebrations Chocolates

What is he doing??

Gogglebox viewers have been left shocked at the way Jeremy Corbin opens a bag of celebration chocolates.

Jeremy was struggling to open the bag before putting it to his mouth and opened it with his teeth.

Corbin was on Gogglebox on Friday night as a part of the  Stand Up To Cancer special as he sat alongside actress Jessica Hynes.

Corbin said to Jessica:

“I think we need to eat something unhealthy, like… crisps!”

Watching the show viewers where left shocked and confused as one person tweeted:

“The man can’t open a zip lock bag of celebrations why would we let him run the country?”

While another said:

 “Manage the country, he can barely open the Celebrations….”

A third said:

“Corbyn clearly not that familiar with a bag of Celebrations # hamfisted.”

He really did struggle with that bag.

Is Prue Leith Going To Be Sacked From The Great British Bake Off?

With the news breaking this morning that Prue Leith took to Twitter to announce the winner of The Great British Bake Off 12 hours before the final show aired fans have been asking if the judge on the show will get the sack or not.

Now it’s been said by Bake off itself that she will NOT be sacked as Channel 4 have apparently had a meeting.

Producers of the show have said that Prue’s job is safe and she will be returning next year alongside Paul Hollywood, Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding.

An insider has said:

“We can’t be angry with Prue because we love her so much,”

“It’s hard to be cross for something that was just an awful mistake.

“No one’s going to feel worse about it than she does herself. She’s mortified.”

Late on during the day Prue took to social media again and tweeted:

“I am so sorry to the fans for my mistake this morning, I am in a different time zone and mortified by my error.”

Fans ahve been left angered with her announcing the winner before the show.

Naked Attraction Praised For Transgender Contestants Taking Part

‘It’s the controversial dating show where a parson looks at six naked people and doesn’t see their face at first only sees their lower body and then after a while they get to see their face and the way they speak and so on.

Now on Naked Attraction has been praised for having transgender contestants on the show and this has gone down really well with the viewing public.

Presenter Anna Richardson introduced Izzy, who identifies as pansexual, meaning she is attracted to people regardless of gender and sexual identity.

Among her lined up dates were a transgender man and woman, a decision which won over many fans of the show on social media, as did the representation of pansexuality on a mainstream dating show.

Anna seemed really excited to have transgender people on the show as she tweeted:

Having the conversation about naked #trans people on #NakedAttraction…genuinely proud moment for me.

We have to say we 1000000% agree with her.

The Secret Life of the Zoo Is Returning To TV!

The Secret Life of The Zoo Is Returning To TV Screens - YAYYY!!

It’s the series what everyone loves.

The Secret Life of the Zoo is going to be returning to Channel 4 on Tuesday 28 February and it’s the series what follows the life of the keepers and animals at Chester Zoo.

In the first episode viewers will see Pedro the giant anteater is about to be reunited with his long-term partner Bliss but sadly he falls ill and is in need of a operation.

Head of factual at Blast! Films production company, Alistair Pegg said:

“The third instalment of The Secret Life of the Zoo will get viewers closer than ever to some of the world’s rarest and most threatened creatures.

“You’ll see new animal relationships blossoming, families changing and lots of new arrivals.”


So glad it’s coming back such a lovely show.

Gogglebox viewers Left Mad After Sandie Is Replaced!

Gogglebox viewers Left Mad After Sandie Is Replaced!

Sandie Bogle and Sandra Martin haven’t been on Gogglebox for a while not but it seems like Sandie is not going to be returning to the show.

On Gogglebox tonight Sandra was back and Sandie was replaced by Sandra’s daughter who was sitting in her place on the sofa.

Viewers filled Twitter with tweets asking if the best friends have fallen out as they are not together on the show any more as one person tweeted:

Hope Sandy & Sandra haven’t fallen out. #gogglebox

Another said:

Have Sandy and Sandra fallen out? Brad and Angelina was enough pain for one year #gogglebox

We hope they haven’t too.

Looking on social media it seems they might not be friends because they haven’t been photographed with one and another for a while now.