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Celebrity Big Brother Series To Be Extended Due To High Viewing Figures

With the massive success of Celebrity Big Brother this year the producers of the show have decided to extend the series for another month!

The show what started on the third of January was only meant to be on for a month but now it wont be going off until the 24th of February.

At the moment nothing has been set in stone and confirmed by Channel 5 but strong sources are saying that it’s true.

Lets hope that it is because it’s been such a good series and we simply just dont want it to end.

Rylan Clark Teases Katie Price, Chloe Ferry And Sarah Harding To Enter The Celebrity Big Brother House Tonight

Rylan Clark Teases Katie Price, Chloe Ferry And Sarah Harding To Enter The Celebrity Big Brother House Tonight

Tonight is the first eviction of the series and it seems that there is not only someone going to be coming out as three are going in.

Viewers where told on last nights show that three new housemates will be entering the house tonight and now after show presenter Rylan Clark Neal has hinted that Sarah Harding, Katie Price and Chloe Ferry will be entering the house tonight.

We just cant wait to see who is going in the house tonight but if it is Chloe and Katie we can see them not getting on at all.

Kerry Katona Breaks Down In Tears As She Admits HELPING Mother’s Suicide Bid


Kerry Katona has been opening up a lot.

The former singer has admitted that she one helped her mother Sue try and take her own life by taking a take a potentially fatal overdose of drugs.

Kerry admitted she said to her mum:

‘Go on, take them, you’re selfish’.

Kerry then broke down after she helped her mum take her own life when she was just aged 15.

Talking during new show Channel 5’s In Therapy she said:

‘When I was 15, my mum had lost her boyfriend and she wanted to die,’

‘It got to the point where I went into her bathroom and I got all her medicines out and said, ‘Go on, take them, you’re selfish’.

‘I made her take all the pills, then I rang for an ambulance and told her I’d pick her up after school, after I’d done my GCSEs.’

It must have been so hard for her to go to school every day knowing that her mother wanted to take her own life.

Gaby Roslin Talks About The Time She Was Hit In The Face In Front Of Her Kids By Litter Thrower

Gaby Roslin Talks About The Time She Was Hit In The Face In Front Of Her Kids By Litter Thrower

So scary!

Gaby Roslin has opened up about the time a thug hit her in the face in front of her young children after she asked them to pick up their rubbish that they threw on the floor.

The Saturday Show presenter made the confession as she appeared as a panelist on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

Gabby said:

“I asked them to pick it up and they punched me in the face in front of my kids.

“That’s a completely true story. I wasn’t trying to arrest her. I took my kids hands and I turned around.

She continued:

“My kids were really shocked. It wasn’t very nice.”

We bet it wasn’t!

But that wasnt it as what Gabby admitted next was completely shocking too.

Gabby then said that she was mugged for her mobile phone two years ago – on the same street.

Just awful.

She said:

“I chased down the street after him yelling obscenites. There was one woman who ran out to help me.

“Not one man helped me. I then chased him into Oxford Street.I have run like I have never run before. I was so angry.

“I didn’t know I had that in me. Then I got the shakes and collapsed. I was in shock.

It’s just so awful.

Pete Burns Admits He’s Had Over 300 Operations To Fix Botched Surgery

Pete Burns Admits He's Had Over 300 Operations To Fix Botched Surgery

Over the year’s Pete Burns has changed his look dramatically!

Now Pete has admitted that he has had over 300 procedures to try and correct his botched surgery.

Pete has said recently:

‘The number of surgeries I’ve has is probably 300. I hope when I’m 80 and I get to heaven God doesn’t recognise me.’

Pete then said that changing his face came at the time when he was a chart topper as he said:

‘I realised I was going to be a visual entity and that I had to look good’, he said.

‘I had a broken nose. In the punk days somebody head butted me in Liverpool and it went over to one side.’

Pete’s really has changed so much over the years and we can’t say for the better.

Marnie Simpson Has Fans Concerned Over Admitting That She Is In Bad Health!

Marnie Gshore

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has admitted on Twitter that she is very poorly.

Taking to her Twitter account tonight Marie has had fans worried for her health as she said that her body is ‘giving up’.

Taking to her account she said:

“My body needs to stop giving up on me. Please.”

She then continued:

“When your health isn’t 100%” followed by an angry and scared emoji.

The even more worrying she tweeted:

“I went straight from Geordie Shore to Celebrity Big Brother.

“I had agonising stomach pains and headaches. I had just landed back at Heathrow from doing a PA in Belfast.”

“I’m just generally run down. I know what I need to do.
“I need to have a rest and I’m on a proper detox. Lewis is going to look after me.”

Maybe it was all the drinking in the CBB house and on Geordie Shore.

If not she really needs to go and see a doctor.

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