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Stephanie Davis Claims Jeremy McConnell Is A ‘Drug Addict’ And Gave Her ‘Chlamydia’

Wo it’s really kicking off between them again.

Stephanie Davis has claimed that Jeremy McConnell is a ‘drug addict’ and has given herĀ ‘Chlamydia’.

The pair who have never been shy out of the public interest have had a massive spat as Stephanie has hit out at the Irish model accusing him of lots of things as this comes after photos appeared in the media of Jeremy with black and blue eyes and Stephanie being arrested

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Love Island’s Gabby Finds Out Marcel’s Been Sharing Bed With New Girl

Eeekkkk the heartache.

Tonight on Love Island Gabby Allen is going to find out the news that her now boyfriend MarcelĀ Somerville has been sharing a bed with one of the new islanders after another villa was placed on the show separating the boys and the girls.

Gabby seems heartbroken that he has been n the bed with the new girl and her face in the picture above just say it all.

We are going to have to wait and see the fallout from that postcard

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Love Island Girls Find Out Boys Have Been Cheating! WATCH HERE

Massive shock in the Love Island villa tonight as the original girls will find out about how their lads have been behaving in the new villa with the villa with the new girls.

A lost card is posted though the villa doors featuring photo of Kem kissing a new girl and Marcel and Chris in bed with the new girls too.

As you can imaged this went down like a led balloons as the girls kicked off and went crazy.

To top the lot the producers have called

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Love Islands Marcel Snogs New Girl In Villa Breaking Gabby’s Heart WATCH HERE!!

Love Islands Marcel Snogs New Girl In Villa Breaking Gabby's Heart

We are simply heartbroken what a D***.

In the Love Island villa Gabby and Marcel where the strongest couple but it seems all that is going to change on Friday night as viewers will see Marcel song one of the new girls who entered the villa on Thursday.

Everyone was thinking that it was going to be Kem who snoggs one of the new girls first but we are just broken that it was Marcel and all of our respect for him has gone out of the window.


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Love Island’s Dom Lever Finds Out About Jessica Shears Having Sex With Mike WATCH HERE

Love Island's Dom Lever Finds Out About Jessica Shears Having Sex With Mike WATCH HERE

This really didn’t go down well.

On tonight’s Love Island Dom Lever is going to find out that his former coupled up partner Jessica Shears has been sleeping with Mike after they left the villa earlier this week.

Ir all started when Marcel was allowed to have a Skype call to his family back home and he decided to ask his father and brother if Jess was ok and that’s when he found out the shocked news that she had been sleeping

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Sharon Osbourne Left Heartbroken After Husband Ozzy Caught Texting His Ex Mistress Again

Ozzy Osbourne Surprises Wife Sharon With Flowers For Her Birthday On The Talk!

They seemed to be on a very good path at the moment but now it seems all that has came crashing down as Ozzy Osbourne has been caught texting his ex mistress Michelle Pugh again what nearly split up his marriage the first time to Sharon Osbourne.

It was back in 2016 when Sharon found out about Ozzy’s infidelities and it was a very tough time for the former X Factor judge but they seemed to be back on track with their marriage but now

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