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Holly Willoughby Goes Makeup Fress As She Poses With Son In Makeup Free Selfie

Holly Willoughby has shared the most cutest photo to her Instagram page.

Holly took to her account on Monday ahead of her return to This Morning after having a week off where she shared the photo of herself with son Chester in her arms.

Holly was makeup free in the snap and we have to say she looked simply fantastic.

She looks amazing and the photo is so sweet.

Jessica Cunningham SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Them Naked Pics On Instagram

Jessica Cunningham SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Them Naked Pics On Instagram

Jessica Cunningham has slammed Kim Kardashian for hte images she has ben sharing on her Instagram page over the last week.

This week Kim has shared a number of photos of herself with nex tot nothing on and sheared them to her 110 million Instagram followers.

Jessica was appearing on This Morning to talk about how she feels Kim isn’t a good role model for young girls and said that it makes an ‘unrealistic body image’.

Jessica said that her friends 13 year old daughter was caught taking photos of herself just like Kim and when she was questioned she said ‘Kim K does it’.

Cunningham said on This Morning Thursday:

‘For people who have children, 13 and 14 year olds have phones and social media and will copy. But it’s an unrealistic body image.”I think its fantastic that Kim is so body confident, but the people who follow her – how many of them have £100,000 to have body changing surgery?

‘I know people who are in their twenties who are in pain from bum implants. When you were 14, did your parents know everything they’ve been up to? You can’t monitor your kids all the time.’

Viewers to the show agreed with Jessica and Twitter was full of support.

Katie Price To Spend Christmas With Cheating Husband Kieran Hayler

It’s looking like family matters at Christmas around Katie Price’s house as she is going to be spending the big day with her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

there months of speculation about if she is going to have him back after finding out that he had cheated on her for time after she had him back but now it relly is looking good for the pair.

The sun has been reported that Hayler will be at home with Katie this christmas and their two childrena plus three of Katie’s children.

Reports have said that Katie wants to try and make things work as the source said:

 “Katie has invited Kieran and his parents to spent Christmas with her and the kids in her house – and they’ll all be there on the day.

“It’s Pete’s turn with Princess and Junior this year, so it’ll be Kieran, his parents, Bunny, Jett and Harvey.

“Everyone’s saying this is the biggest sign that she’s taken Kieran back, because it’s one thing for him to see his kids on Christmas day, but to have his entire family there is another.

“I mean, Kieran has never even moved out.”

The source then continued o say to The Sun:

“Katie always goes really over the top at Christmas and buys loads of gifts and decorates the house, and she’s saying she wants a ‘proper family Christmas’ this year.”

Lets hope they have a happy christmas.

This Morning’s Doctor Zoe Williams Announces She is Freezing Her Eggs Aged 37

Dr Zoe Williams has appeared on This Morning during her regular health slot on the ITV show when she confessed that she is freezing her eggs aged 37.

Zoe is paying the £10,000 to have them frozen as she confessed on This Morning that she can now afford to have the procedure done.

Zoe admitted that the reason behind her not having children sooner is because she hasn’t ‘found the right partner’ and is currently single.

Dr Williams then confessed that the success rates for the procedure are very low and wasnt for everyone.

She said:

‘The reason I haven’t become a mum is because I haven’t found the right partner. I kind of wish I’d done it sooner,’

‘I think if women are reaching the age of 30 and they’re in a financial position, because it is expensive, and they’re not in the position to have children in a year or two then I would consider it.’

The procedure and her journey is being filmed for This Morning as she confirmed:

‘I want to share it with people, there is a lot of stigma surrounding that and I want to help.’

This will be interesting to watch and we personally think she is really brave to speak so openly.

Sam Faiers Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Paul Kissing His Sister

Just adorable.

Sam Faiers has taken to her Instagram account to share a lovely photo of her son Paul kissing and touching his newborn sister.

Sam shared the photo on Friday morning and fans went mad for the lovely clip.

Along with the video Sam said that she had watched the video alot of times as she wrote:

‘I must have watched this video over a hundred times already. I am so proud of my babies. Paul is already so loving towards he’s little sister. my heart is bursting xxx’.

Such a lovely video.

Vicky Pattison has Decoded She Does Want Children With Fiancé John Noble

Vicky Pattison has always been open about her choice not to have children but now it seems like she has changed her mind.

Vicky has told Ok Magazine that Children are definitely on the cards with her new fiancee John Noble.

Talking about changing her mind and deciding to have children Vicky said:

‘John gives me a level of security I’ve never had before. He makes me feel safe because I know he’s not going anywhere.

She then continued to say:

I always said I didn’t want children but being with John has totally changed my mind, we recently made the decision that children are very much part of our future.’

‘I’ve come to realise that life would be quite empty without them,’

This comes as a massive shock because she was always strong that she wasn’t going to have children.