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Sam Gowland Plans To Propose To Chloe Ferry And Have First Georide Shore Wedding

Sam Grownland has revealed that he plans to ask girlfriend Chloe Ferry to marry him and to have the first Geordie Shore wedding.

The ar who started dating at the end of last year both meet when Sam joined Geordie Shore after he was on Love Island.

Talking to Star Magazine he said:

“Aye definitely. We’ve both said it will definitely happen one day.

“I’ve never wanted it with other people, but we both want it.

He continued:

“We really do want to be together. I’ve never felt the way I do about Chloe.”

He then started to talk about how his relationshiop was going:

“She said it first, but I’ve come round to it now and I say it as well – more so when I’m drunk.”

“Normally I get bored very easily.

“But with Chloe, obviously she’s a good-looking girl, but she’s also got the same personality as me, so we bounce off each other.”

We have to say we would love to see their wedding on the show.

What do you think???

Marty McKenna To Return To Geordie Shore To Shake Things Up Between EX Chloe Ferry and Sam Growland

He was sacked from Geordie Shore for his behaviour but now it’s looking like Marty McKenna is going to be returning to the reality show.

The Sun newspaper has confirmed that Marty will be returning to the MTV show to ruffle the feathers of his one / off Ex girlfriend Chloe Ferry especially now that she is dating new boy Sam Growland.

A show insider has said:

“Show bosses are hoping Marty’s return will ruffle some feathers and cause some drama between the couple, especially considering his history with Chloe.”

There is no talk when he will be returning to the show but we will let you know.

Chloe Ferry Talks About Her Insecurities During Dramatic Make-Under

Over the years since Chloe Ferry hit the public eye she is no stranger to having plastic surgery but now Chloe has been talking about her insecurities about her looks.

Chloe features on Channel 5 show Celebrity 100% Hotter, when she admits she ‘looks like a pig’ and she confessed that she ‘hates’ her nose after her 2016 rhinoplasty.

A teaser has been published on social media and it shows just how much Chloe worries about her looks and how she wants to change her looks all the time by going under the knife.

So sad she is so beautiful and really doesn’t know it.

Chloe Ferry Slips Into Tiny Bikini As She Poses On Instagram

She’s so naughty!

Chloe Ferry has teased her Instagram followers after she slipped into a very small bikini whiler sh eposed for a snap to share on her socila media platforms while in a hottub with a bottel of booze in her hand.

Chloe looked fab in the snap what you can see above.

Holly Hagan To Enter Celebrity Big Brother House

With the new series of Celebrity Big Brother starting in the new year rumours and reprots have been flying around about who is going into the famous house.

One person who has been said to be going in is Holly Hagan!

The Geordie Shore star is aprently set to enter the house after she has been turned away by the producers aparently two times before.

Holly has been keen on entering the house but it seems ther priducers of the show have just not wanted her in as they aparently refused to have her in.

A source has said this week:

 “Holly has been for an interview with show bosses and is seriously considering going on.

“In a lot of ways, it’s perfect timing – she’s single, she has left Geordie Shore and she thinks she could do well on the show.”

This comes after the success of her fellow Geordie Shore pals Marnie Simpson, Charlotte Crosby, Scotty T and Chloe Ferry.

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry Have MASSIVE Row On Red Carpet At MTV EMA Awards

It all got a bit frosty on the red carpet a the MTV EMA awards when Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry got into a MASSIVE row.

Nathan has spoken about what went on as he told The Sun:

“I was fuming.”

“We had a massive row as soon as we got out of the car to come here.

“We were supposed to walk down the red carpet together as besties.

“But she said ‘no I wanna walk with my boyfriend.

“I said  what the what the f***, I know you’re proper loved up and all, but that’s taking the p***. What about us!?”

Nathan is talking about Chloe’s new boyfriend Sam Growland and she walked down the red carpet with him but then Nathan decided to cast their love fest and pose with the pair of them.