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Chris Hughes Apologises To Girlfriend Olivia Attwood As He Admits Kissing A Woman

Chris Hughes has apologised to girlfriend Olivia Attwood after a video surfaced online of him kissing another woman.

Now Chris has admitted what he did and said that he was drunk when the video was taken.

Chris wrote:

‘I was a mess on Saturday night, couldn’t remember an awful lot.’

‘I put my arms around a stranger which I should never have done, and I still don’t know why but it’s a lesson learnt not to be a drunk t**t.

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Chris Hughes Spotted Snogging Another Girl Behind Olivia Attwoods Back WATCH HERE

Thus is not good at all.

Chris Hughes has been filmed kissing another girl in a crowded room.

Chris had his arms around the brunette in question and was filmed by someone at the event while girlfriend Olivia Attwood was ni wear to be seen.

Have a look at the footage below.

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Olivia Attwood Admits Her Relationship With Chris Hughes Is ‘Testing’

Olivia Attwood Admits Her Relationship With Chris Hughes Is 'Testing'

They have been dating since they meet on Love Island in the summer but now it’s looking like Olivia Attwood might be having trouble dating Chris Hughes.

Olivia has confessed that dating Chris is ‘testing’ as it was during an Q & A with Storm London when Olivia admitted that she was having trouble in her relationship.

When someone asked her about how her relationship with Chris is she replied and said:

“It’s testing,

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Love Island’s Chris Hughes Is Going To End Feud With Katie Price!

It’s been going on for months now but it seems it might be coming to an end.

The feud with Katie Price and Chris Hughes is looking like it’s going to come to an end as Chris has vowed to put his differences with the mum of five to one side.

Last week the latest turn of events happened when Katie started shouting at Chris at the ITV Gala but now it looks like Chris just wanted to put an end to the situation there and then but Katie

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Katie Price Storms Off Red Carpet After She Finds Out Chris Hughes Was On His Way

At the ITV Gala on Thursday night Katie Price was doing her normal posing when she got whiff that Chris Hughes was on his way to go onto the red carpet with his girlfriend olivia Attwood.

After hearing this Katie made a swift exit off the carpet.

As we told you earlier Katie and Chris did bump into one and other at the London event and it all kicked off after Katie started to scream at the Love Island star.

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Katie Price Shows Chris Hughes ‘Flirty Messages’ READ HERE!!

Katie Price Hits Back Out At Chris Hughes Over His Rant As She Says It Has "Guilt All Over"

Last night at the ITV Gala Katie Price left the venue with her iphone with the screen open and she had the text messages from Chris Hughes what where apparently flirty on full viewer for the paps.

Below is what the messages apparently say as they have been sent under the name of “Chris Hughes”:

Katie said to Chris:

‘Oh no why are you having a hard time are you OK anything I can help with xx.’
Chris replied:


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