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Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Get Close To New Boyfriend Chris Hughes During Romantic Date Night

They are adorable!!

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has shared a super loved up photo of herself and new boyfriend Chris Hughes to her Instagram account.

The beauty shared the photo above to her account on Saturday night with Chris, who admitted he’s the ‘happiest he’s ever been’ earlier this week.

Just look at how adorable they are together!

Georgia May Foote Squirms As She Asked About Chris Hughes On TV

Last week we told you about how Georgia May Foote and Chris Hughe’s both denied that they where dating but then some audio footage what was published online proved to be a diffrent story as they both confirend that they had been going on dates together.

Now Georgia has been quizzed about dating the fomrer Love Island hunk and it made her squarim while she wa son TV.

Georgia was appearing on The Chris Ramsey Show when she turned into a gigerling school girl when she was questioned about her romance aqnd then she tired to change the subject.

Chris Ramsey teased:

‘Bet you can’t wait for Love Island to start again, so you can get linked to more reality stars.’
‘This was all over me Twitter recently, you and pretty boy Chris Hughes, it’s everywhere- what’s the story?’

To what an annoyed Georgia replied:

‘I hate you,’ before telling the television host ‘nothing’ happened between the two.

Chris replied back and said:

‘He’s been recorded saying that he dated you.’

The former Coronation Street actress replied:

Dating is when you go into a relationship. I don’t want a relationship right now.’

The comedian probed:

‘So you went out?’

To what Georgia said back:

‘We just met up,’

Chris Hughes Named A Liar After New Audio Reveals He DID Date Georgia May Foote

New audio footage has been released of Chris Hughes admitting that he did date Georgia May Foote dispute both parties denying it.

The Sun have released audio of bot Chris and Georgia admitting to dating one and other and have now taken to their social networking sites to backtrack on what they said.

When the story origany broke Chris took to his Instagram and said:

‘Woah this isn’t true. Been twisted to s**t..

‘I actually said in that press that I’m not dating her and that I’m very much single, hence why I choose to talk about that and clarify it. Boarder line, not okay.’

Then the tweets were deleted.

But in the relesed audio footage from The Sun it started off with Chris being asked:

‘So did Georgia May Foote and you have a thing?’

‘Yeah. We’ve met up a couple of times. You know what, she is absolutely stunning.

‘She is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is one of the nicest girls I’ve met genuinely. Obviously she lives up north and I live down south.

He continued:

‘Even though you may not think it is a difficult situation, you rarely see each other. But I’ve taken her to the farm. She’s seen the horses, she’s seen the cows.

‘And yeah, we’ve been on a few dates. So yeah.’

Seeing all the drama Georgia decided to take to her Twitter as she shared:

‘I am choosing not to date anyone at the moment,’ adding that the stories were ‘cr*p.’

‘I am not chasing any form of relationship with him or anyone. There are bigger more important things happening in the world right now. Use your platform to help people rather than hinder.’


Olivia Attwood Denies She’s Back With Ex Boyfriend Bradley Dack

Yesterday we told you the news that Olivia Attwood was spotted at a spa over the weeknd with her former boyfriend Bradley Dack dispite being on anhd off with her Love Island beau Chris Hughes.

Now Olivia has hit back at the photos of her at the spa with Bradley what have been pulsihed this week.

Taking to Twitter Attwood shared:

‘Right listen up kids.. I am not ‘back together’ with anyone, I don’t have a ‘new boyfriend’ I am very single. And for the first time in a long time, I’m doing just as I please..

‘I have just come out of a very intense relationship, and I’m trying to find my happiness again.

‘And If I worry about every Tom, Dick and Harrys’s opinion it will take a hella lot longer. So I appreciate the concern. But I got this. ✌,’


Olivia Attwood Spotted Back With Ex Boyfirned Bradley Dack After Splitting From Chris Hughes

Olivia Attwood Admits She No Longer Talks To Kem Cetinay Beucase He's Got ‘An Ego’

Over the weekend Olivia Attwood was spotted getting very cosy with her former boyfriend Bradley Dack.

The Love Island star who is currently on/off with Chris Hughes who she meet on the reality show was spotted at a spa with Bradley and photos of them together appeared online.

A eyewitness has said that they were ‘all over each other’ as they said

“Olivia and Bradley were constantly touching each other, and cuddling and kissing,”

“They were all over each other in the pool – it looked to me like they’re officially back together.

“They weren’t trying to hide either – they were with another couple and Olivia was taking selfies with Bradley the whole time.

“They were there on Saturday during the day, and I saw them in the spa and the pool, and then they had drinks on Saturday night.

The eyewitness then continued to say that they apparently stayed the night together:

“I saw them again on Sunday morning so they’d obviously stayed over.”

Chris Hughes And Katie price Spotted Hugging Feud Out!

It seems the Chris Hughes and Katie Price drama might all be over as over the weekend Katie was spotted hugging Chris looking like they had made up over the feud they had going on.

The pair where at a football match in Cheltenham, where Chris was playing Sellebrity Soccer, and Katie was there with her children.

Katie and Chris where then spotted cuddling the row out and putting in behind them.

So glad that’s over.