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Chris Hughes Gets Trolled After He’s Spotted At The Races With Makeup On

Chris Hughes has been spotted at Cheltenham races with what looked like makeup on his eyes.

Chris was trolled after he shared a number of photo of him with his brother, on/ off girlfriend Olivia Attwood and Jeremy Kylie at the even but it wasn’t who he was posing with what ot people talking as it was his choice to wear eyeliner.

One person commented on the snap above and said:

“Your startin to wear far too much make up son,”

While another said:

“Good god, you look caked in make-up.”

A third decided to comment saying:

“You look like Adam Lambert with the darker hair and make-up,”

While antoehr just simply called him a ‘drag queen’.

Olivia Attwood Hints She’s Fallen Out With One Off Boyfriend Chris Hughes Again

They split and then over the last few days Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have been spending more time together but now Olivia has hinted that she has fallen out with Chris again after she tweeted on her Twitter account saying that she must have ‘mug written on my forehead.’

Fans started replying back to her tweets asking what had done on because over the last few days they seemed to have gotten closer and closer if their social media accounts are anything to go by.

Her Twitter followers have been thinking that the tweet was about Chris as one person shared:

“What’s he done now?”

While another said:

‘If this is about Chris I think it’s defo time for you to move on Hun, watching ur show and u together is just toxic, a relationship is hard but not that hard X’.

We have to say that we believe that it should all end now if this tweet is about Chris. It’s not doing either of them any favors.

Chris Hughes And Olivia Attwood Might Get Another Reality Show

Olivia Attwood Hits Out At Chris Hughes As She Tells Him He's Been 'Shady As F***'

They had to cut their currently reality show Crackin’ On short because they decided to end their relationship but now Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have been offered another show despite going their separate ways.

Olivia has been talking to Ok! Magazine when she said:

“There was always talk, it’s kind of ‘watch this space’,”

“Whether we do something individually, or together, there are a lot of conversations to be had.

“I don’t think that it will be the end of it. But it will continue in a slightly different way. I’m focused on work, working on projects with ITV in the future, my style collections.”

Since the current reality show first aired last week viewers tweeted saying that they ‘turned over’ due to Chris and Olivia shouting at one and other thought the whole of the show so maybe it would be best to do individual shows next time.

What do you think?

Viewers Slamm Olivia Attwood And ‘Turn Off’ New Reality Show Over Her And Chris Hughes Bad Relationship

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes returned to our TV screens last night with their new reality show Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On but viewers turned over after a little while because of Olivia.

Attwood and Hughes rowed throughout the whole show and even moved out of their swanky five bedroom house after moving in two days before because they had had a massive row.

The pair who were known for bickering in the Love Island villa caused viewers to take to their Twitter accounts as one person hit out:

‘i’ve had to turn off #ChrisandOlivia #CrackinOn… absolutely brutal. I genuinely love them, but why is @oliviajade_att so rude??

While another said:

Only 5mins into #CrackinOn and I’m ready to turn over!

What did you think of the show?

Chris Hughes Tells Delivery Men That He’s Going To Have Sex On New Sofa With Olivia Attwood

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have their new reality show what is going to air on Wednesday night but in a preview from the show it shows Chris talking openly about his sex life with Olivia to the deliveray men.

Chris admitted that he is going to have sex with Olivia on their new sofa what had just been delivered.

He said on new reality show Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On:

“Plenty of room to christen it, eh lads?”

To what Attwood replied:

“You’ve made me feel really uncomfortable.”

Chris then apologized to Oliva for making her from feeling “disgraceful”.

Chris then said back to her:

 “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Oliva then confessed:

“I don’t want your bodily fluids on our new sofa.”


Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Wants To Do More Reality TV

With her new reality show airing on Wednesday what shows her daily life after Love Island with boyfriend (at the time) Chris Hughes.

Now Olivia has been talking about how she would like to do more reality TV.

Attwood said:

wouldn’t rule out more reality TV, I feel very at home there,” “I possibly would rule out dating someone from the industry. I think I’d rather date someone from a more normal background.”

She then continued:

“The biggest downside of having a relationship in the public eye is that in a normal relationship it’s bad enough having your mum, your dad, your cousin giving their opinion on your partner, but try having the whole country give an opinion!

“It almost gets like too many cooks in the kitchen, it’s very hard to block out the white noise and focus on you and your partner. Focusing on just you as a couple is very hard.”

“It is very tiring and does take a toll,”

We have to say she does make good TV.