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Chyna Ellis Admits Ibiza Weekender Is Moving To Diffrent Party Hotspot

Chyna Ellis has confessed that Ibiza Weekender is moving to another party hotspot.

The blonde beauty who featured on the lastiest series of the show confessed to The Sun that she had heard a rumor it’s going to be flmed in another party desternation.

The show has been filmed in Ibiza and Magaluf but now there might be a third.

Talking to The Sun she said:

 “I’ve heard rumours it’s not going to be in Ibiza any more. I don’t know where it would be yet but it’ll be a party place definitely.

“I would definitely go back and do it but if I went back I’d have to really get my A-game and be a really good rep. I’d probably p**s off a few people if I did go back.

She continued:

“I’ve spoken to them about it and told them I want to go back. There has been very brief discussions but with the type of show they don’t say much at all.”


Chyna Ellis Talks About Sex With Jordan Davies And She Admits It Was ‘Great’

Chyna Ellis has been talking about her relationship with Jordan Davies what has sadly ended now and she also spoke about how their sex life was.

Chyna confessed that sex with Jordan was ‘great’ because he has ‘slept with over 1,500 women’.

She said to The Sun:

 “The sex with Jordan wasn’t that great, I’m not going to lie. Considering he’s shagged over 1,500 people which is quite disgusting anyway. I was expecting something a little more.”

They did make a really good couple but it seems that they where just not meant to be.

Chyna Ellis Admits She Knew Amber Davies And Kem Cetinay Would Split

They all where in last years series of Love Island but sadly Chyna Ellis never found love while Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay did but sadly it was only for six months.

Now Chyna has confessed that she ‘knew’ Kem and Amber would split.

Talking to the Metro the blonde beauty said:

“It didn’t surprise me at all but at the same time it was a shame.

“In this industry it’s hard to keep a relationship because people are always trying to sabotage it.”

She continued:

“I knew [Kem] and Amber weren’t going to last because he was with me [in the villa]… you know if someone gets swayed so easily, it’s not going to be a relationship that lasts that long.”

Is she a Secret psychic?

Love Island’s Chyna Ellis In Talks With TOWIE Producers To Join Reality Show

Love Island star Chyna Ellis is in talks with the producers of The Only Way Is Essex for her to join the cast.

Chyna who shot to fame last year during series three of Love Island and then went on to become a rep on Ibiza Weekenderis looking like she might be on TOWIE if meetings with the producers go well.

When asked if she has been in talks to appear on the ITVBe show Chyna told Johnny Seifert, showbiz reporter at talkRADIO:

“I mean, yeah. I have spoken to a few people about it.

“I know all of them (the cast). They live down the road from me. I live opposite Gemma Collins’ shop and Minnie’s Boutique, things like that.

“I’m always bumping into them. They’re all really nice. I’ve known a few of them for years.”

We think she will be great on the show.

What do you think??

Just Why Did Chyna Ellis And Jordan Davies Split Us?

With the new series of Ibiza Weekend airing at the moment viewers have seen the start of the relationship between Chyna Ellis and Jordan Davies.

The pair both first meet as they are reps in the ITVBe show and their romance blommomed over the last couple of episodes.

But with that series being filmed last autumn now they are no longer together but why did their relationship come to an end?

Chyna has said that Jordan became  “bit intense.”

Talking just before Christmas Chyna said:

“It’s a bit of an awkward one to be honest. We were together, but we’re not anymore. I dumped him.”

Then speaking at a recent event she said:

“I do really like Jordan, he’s a lovely boy but he’s too much for me right now.

“I just want to focus on myself. I wish him all the best.”

Love Island’s Johnny And Theo Appear On This Morning

Love Island's Johnny And Theo Appear On This Morning

Today Johnny Mitchell and Theo Campbell appeared on This Morning to talk about their time in the Love Island villa.

The pair who where only kicked out of the villa last week talked about their time on the show to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as Johnny admitted that he did wait for Tyla Carr as he admitted on the show that he did in fact wait for Tyla but when he saw her moving on with Mike he decided to see how things go with Chyna Ellis in the outside world.

Then when they where asked about who they would like to win the show Johnny said Gabby and Marcel and Theo said Camilla and Jamie.

More news to come….

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