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Piers Morgan Shocks Susanna Reid With His Dad Dancing On Good Morning Britain

Dad dancing all the way!

Piers Morgan has left poor Susanna Reid shocked as he decided to show off his dad dancing on Good Morning Britain Tuesday morning.

The TV presenter stood up behind the next and decided to show off his (lack of) moves to the disgust of his co-presenter Susanna.

Piers felt like dancing after a segment featuring Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly’s danceathon for Comic Relief.

50 Cent tune In Da Club was blaring out while Piers shouted,  ‘Pump it up’.

So funny.

Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Ask For “Annoying” Tess Daly To Be Sacked And To Have Claudia Winkleman As Main Presenter


she’s been on the show for years and years now but it seems the viewers are just getting fed up with Tess Daly.

During Sunday night’s show of Strictly Come Dancing viewers took to their Twitter accounts to ask for Tess to be sacked and for the show to just be presented by Claudia Winkleman.

One person tweeted tonight:

“Claudia Winkleman is ace, but Tess Daly makes me want to dig out my own eye balls with spoons #Strictly.”

Another said:

“Can Tess Daly do any more to annoy me? Oh yes she’s come up trumps with that outfit. At least it detracts from her wooden delivery.#strictly.”

This has came out of the blue because she has mostly always been popular with the viewing public.

Wonder why the tables have changed.

What do you think??

Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Slamm Peter Kay For “Homophobic” Slur Towards Judge Rinder


Strictly Come Dancing viewers have been left outraged tonight after Peter Kay was appearing on the show tonight and he decided to make a homophobic joke.

Peter appeared on the show along side Judge Rinder who is openly gay and show host Claudia Winkleman when he made the joke.

Kay said:

“Let me say hello to this fellow – he’s brilliant!”

Judge Rinder then smiled and got closer to Peter to try and give him a cuddle but he then replied:


“Steady. Watch it me lad. Watch it.”

“This case is firmly closed.”

Twitter went into overdrive after what he said as one person tweeted:

“Is Peter Kay allowed to get away with homophobia just because he’s Peter Kay?”

Another said:

Peter Kay just appeared on my television & did a homophobic joke.”

It was a very weird thing to say but he really need to think before he speaks.

Michael Bublé Cancels Awards Show Appearance After Son’s Cancer Diagnosis

Michael Bublé Cancels Awards Show Appearance After Son's Cancer Diagnosis

Last Friday awful news was broken about Michael Buble’s toddler, Noah Bublé had been diagnosed with cancer and Michael annouced that he was putting his family first before work as he said he was taking time off.

Now Michael has said that he will not be attending the BBC Music Awards this December, where he was supposed to be presenting an award.

BBC Radio 2 host Steve Wright confirmed the news as he said:

“We send Michael and his family our very best wishes.”

The show will continue to go ahead on December 12!

Laura Whitmore Becomes The Seventh Celeb To Be Kicked Off Strictly Come Dancing

Laura Whitmore Becomes The Seventh Celeb To Be Kicked Off Strictly Come Dancing

Poor Laura Whitmore!

The TV presenter has been the seventh celebrity to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing.

Laura seemed really upset to be leaving the show but it hasn’t come without it’s difficulties as she hurt her ankle while on the show and just carried on like a trooper.

Talking to co-host Tess Daly, Laura said:

‘I don’t think anyone realises how much goes on here, the make-up, the costume, everything and just to be part of that for a little while is amazing.’

She continued to say:

‘I would like to say again thank you for being such a great partner, an amazing person to work with, you teach me a lot and I will never ever forget this journey.’

Such a shame.

She really was good dancer and especially with her hurt ankle.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Tess Daly Leaves Viewers Stunned With ‘Tin Foil Dress’

Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly Leaves Viewers Stunned With 'Tin Foil Dress'

Last night on Strictly Come Dancing viewers where left mesmerised after show host Tess Daly wore a ‘tin foil dress’.

The TV presenter’s long black, silver and white dress came under fire on Twitter as fans could get over the frock.

Taking to their Twitter accounts viewers started to tweet as one person said:

“I’m off to Tesco. Want some more Tin Foil for that dress? #bbcstrictly.”

Another said:

“Tess Daly appears to be wearing a dress made out of kitchen foil”.

We have to say it wasn’t the best of choices but we really did like fellow judge Claudia Winkleman’s outfit as she wore a black dress with a frilly bottom with red shoes.