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Strictly Come Dancing Fans Slam Claudia Winkleman’s Makeup

Strictly Come Dancing Fans Slam Claudia Winkleman's Makeup

When You’re being viewed on TV by millions of people you just want your makeup to be perfect but for Claudia Winkleman that wasnt the case.

Claudia has been slammed by viewers after her makeup wasn’t the best on the Strictly Come Dancing series kick off.

With them referring to her as Alice Cooper and saying that it just looks simply awful.

One fans took to their Twitter account and said:

“Claudia Winkelman looking great tonight Strictly,” before adding a picture of rocker Alice Cooper.


Another said:

“I know the guy who owns the pit where they mine Claudia Winkleman’s eye make up. Millionaire.”

What did you think of her makeup??

Claudia Winkleman Admits She Will Never Stop Wearing Eyeliner Even Though The Public Hate It

She’s just as famous enough for her eyeliner as she is her TV presenting but now Claudia Winkleman has hit out at critics who want her to change her eye makeup.

Claudia presents Stricly Come Dancing and viewers too the show often air their views on her eyeliner saying that she has it “too dark” and “too much” but she’s not going to change her ways.

Talking recently to the Sun she admitted:

‘I have a huge fringe and I wear enough eyeliner to kill a clown. I mean, a lot of people find it repellent, but I’m too old to start changing.’

To be fair we do t think she should change her ways.

If she likes the eye makeup then who are we to tell her to take it off?

Laura Stone To File For Divorce From David Walliams Next Week!

Laura Stone To File For Divorce From David Walliams Next Week!

Laura Stone To File For Divorce From David Walliams Next Week!

A few weeks back it was annouced that model Laura Stone and David Walliams where to divorce after five-years of marriage.

Well now it’s been annouced that Laura will file for divorce from David next week.

Citing Dutch reports said:

‘Lara has no intention of returning and will sign her divorce papers soon. She has been telling people she is never going back. As far as she is concerned the…

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