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Gemma Collins Is ‘Not High Calibre Enough’ For Strictly Come Dancing!

It’s looking like Gemma Collins has ruled out appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

It has been said said that she is not ‘high calibre enough’ to appear on the show as this was said by judge Craig Revel-Horwood.

Craig said:

“Gemma Collins would be fun on the show but it’s not very often that we have reality stars take to the ballroom,”

“We generally have people of a higher calibre than that.”

She should so do the show she would be amazing and we would love to see her.

Viewers As For BBC To Sack Craig Revel Horwood From Strictly Come Dancing After He Admits He Likes Watching Rape Scenes On TV

A charity is asking for the BBC to sack Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly Come Dancing after he admitted that he “likes” watching rape scenes on TV.

Craig spoke about liking watching the scenes on More4 comedy panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats on Tuesday night as they spoke about Game Of Thrones.

Host of the show Jimmy Carr asked if Craig had ever watched the drama before and he replied back:

‘No, I persevered for the first series until the dragon came on and that’s when I switched off.

‘I liked all the sex scenes and the rape and I liked the cleavers through the skulls and I liked all of that, but I got very bored in the end.’

Now Marilyn Hawes from Enough Abuse UK, has said that she was ‘absolutely disgusted’ by his comment.

Marilyn said:

‘Craig’s comments are deeply disrespectful.

‘Rape is the most devastating and vile crime and I would have to question him as a person and his merit as a judge on the Strictly Come Dancing panel, which is a family show.

‘His comment would have enraged many women and men who have been raped. How could he say he liked that scene? I’m absolutely disgusted.

She continued:

‘You cannot have people on a family show with that mindset. I think the BBC should get rid of him. It is so distressing for people who have been raped to hear that.

‘I’m a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing. It’s not a reflection on his ability as a judge or dancer, I enjoy watching him, however it is going on in his mind, which is concerning.

‘When you are in such a high-profile position you cannot afford to make comments like this. He has done himself no favours by saying this. You cannot have someone glibly talking about rape like this, it’s jaw-droppingly awful.’

Since he made these comments the BBC have refused to comment.

Judge Rinder Announces The Real Reason behind The Strictly Come Dancing Curse!

Judge Rinder Announces The Real Reason behind The Strictly Come Dancing Curse!

When Celebrities appear on Strictly Come Dancing it’s always better that they are not in a relationship or married because chances are they wont be with their partners long.

Now Judge Rinder has said why he feels the Strictly curse hits on couples.

Talking to The Sun the TV judge said:

“People talk about the curse and how it comes from being so physically close, but I don’t think it’s that,”

It’s about how the best teachers have an ability to read your mind, and give you the impression that they completely understand you. That is such an intimate thing that you can see how relationships do develop.”

Rinder then joked about his situation with his dance partner Oksana Platero:

“There is no chance of that [the curse] happening with us though. It would have to be a nuclear- powered Strictly curse,”

Ahh we see so it’s all about your dance partner reading your mind.

So does that mean that they know what you like in the bedroom and that’s why it ends up in an affair??

Craig Revel Horwood Admits He Wants To Date Women Now!

Craig Revel Horwood Admits He Wants To Date Women Now!

Craig Revel Horwood has admitted that he feels like he should be dating women now and not men!

The Strictly Come Dancing judge who appeared on Loose Women yesterday admitted that he felt like he should be dating women after he split from his partner after three years together in may of this year.

Craig even went on to say that he doesn’t consider himself as gay any more!

He said on the show yesterday:

“I’m not going to put myself out of any sort of department!”

“[I’d like someone] that doesn’t sell stories, kiss and tells and all that sort of stuff. There’s nothing you can do about it,”

“There’s a side to everybody’s story and everyone’s broken relationship but I tend to not go and spout them all off.”

It will be strange for him to be dating a women but if that’s how he feels then good for him.