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TOWIE Star Clelia Theodorou Slamms Amber Turner For ‘Bedding Dan Edgar’ While They Where Together

It was only last month that Clelia Theodorou joined the TOWIE cast as Dan Edgar’s new love interest but it hasn’t taken long for it to all kick off.

Clelia has accused fellow cast member Amber Turner of ‘bedding’ Dan while they were together.

Speaking to The Sun Clelia said:

‘She kept telling me she’s a girl’s girl when actually sleeping with someone when you know they’re dating another girl.’

It was only last week that Dan’s on-off romance with Amber ended after he decided to continue his relationship with Clelia.

TOWIE’s Amber Turner Admits She Threw A Drink And Cup At Ex Dan Edgar

TOWIE star Amber Turner has admitted that she threw a drink and the cup at her former boyfriend Dan Edgar.

Amber was appearing on This Morning on Friday when she talked about being single and how how relationship with the hunk ended.

Amber admitted that her relationship with Dan was ‘toxic’ and said to to show hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she still had feelings for him but is happy single at the moment.

Turner addressed them rumors about what happened at the sugar Hut when the couple screamed the place down at one and other.

She said:

I was having a conversation with one of the new girls and he came into the conversation and it just didn’t go down well.

‘Things have just got so toxic between us and I’m just so done with the situation.’

When asked if things got heated she continied to say:

‘A cup fell out of my hand and it may have had liquid in it.’

‘It’s been over a year with us but I’m not going to say there aren’t feelings there, but I can’t do it anymore and I have to let go of feelings that I have.

‘You think a lot of it is played for dramatics but everything I’ve talked about is real life.’


Chloe Sims Rages About Gemma Collins Sharing Video Of Her Kissing Dan Edgar

Wow she’s annoyed!

Chloe Sims has raged at Gemma Collins after she shared a video of Chloe kissing Dan Edgar on social media to the world to see.

The video was shared last week and has received thousands of viewers in that week and she is still raging.

Talking to The Sun Chloe said:

‘Chloe is absolutely fuming about the video Gemma posted.

‘Nothing is going on with Dan – but now everyone thinks she’s getting with him.She’s so annoyed and even though she deleted it, loads of people saw it and so it’s too late.

She continued:

‘Chloe would never go there with Dan, especially as her best mate Lauren was close to him earlier this year.’

We have to say we think we would have been annoyed if it was published in front of thousands of people.

TOWIE’s Dan Edgar and Diags Strip Naked To Copy Megan McKenna And Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks Online Snap

TOWIE's Dan Edgar and Diags Strip Naked To Copy Megan McKenna And Ex Boyfriend Pete Wicks Online Snap

OHH what can we say??

Funny pair Dan Edgar and Diags from The Only Way Is Essex have decided to strip down and copy former love birds Megan McKenna and Pete Wick’s naked photo what they shared online.

The pair where not shy about flashing the flesh just like Megan and Pete did in their snap.

The photo was shared on the TOWIE instagram page and we have to say there look so much a like apart from Diags has a little more hair than Megan and Dan doesn’t have any tattoo’s unlike Pete.

Sharing the photo last night the TOWIE production tea shared it with the caption of:

Behold, the @danedgar and @jamesbennewith1 #NakedSelfie from last night’s #TOWIM! You’re welcome.’

Since sharing the photo it has received a whopping 12,00 likes.

Very funny boys.