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Amber Davies’ Mum Reacts To Her Daughter Having Sex In Love Island Villa In Front Of 1.5 Million Viewers

We have to say we would be mortified if she wa sour daughter.

The mother of Amber Davis who is currently starring on Love Island has spoken out about her daughter having sex on the show and it being seen by a whopping 1.5 million viewers.

Her mother Susan Davies has been speaking to Daily Post and told them exactly how she felt when she saw her daughter doing the act on TV.

She said:

“She’s an adult. I didn’t have to watch it. Nothing was shown, it was left to the imagination. It did go on but you didn’t see anything.

“I just shut my eyes, grinned and waited for the moment to finish.

“Obviously it’s not something you want to watch your daughter doing but at the end of the day it’s what the show is about.

“It’s human, it’s normal. I know we don’t want it all over national TV but it wasn’t explicit.

Alicia Douvall Suffers Backlash After Loose Women Appearance After She Admitted That She WOuldnt Have Bottom Implants Removed Because Of Having A “Saggy Bum” But She Could Die!

She admitted to have had over 350 cosmetic procedures but now it seems that Alicia Douvall is suffering as her bottom implants have ruptured leaking silicone into her body what could cause cancer or even kill her if she doesn’t have them removed.

Douvall admitted on Loose Women today that she doesn’t know if she is going to have to implants removed because she doesn’t want a “saggy bottom” but if she doesn’t have them removed she could die.

Alicia has faced lots of backlash on social media from fans because most people would just have the implants removed to save her life but now Alicia.

The former model appeared on the show alongside her daughter Georgia as she explained:

‘I don’t want to have surgery ever again but obviously there’s complications because I’ve had so much and they discovered I have leaking bum implants,’
‘So I have a dilemma to either take them out or have silicon in my body.’

Gloria Hunniford then said to Alicia:

‘You’ve got children – surely it’s a no-brainer?’

To what she replied:

‘It’s not as black as white as that,’  ‘If I had them taken out I would have saggy excess skin…it’s a psychological issue, I don’t have the body confidence.’

Gloria shouted:

‘You’d be alive!’

It is true what Gloria is saying she should have them removed for her two daughters sake.

Kim Kardashian Is All Smiles As She Dresses As Princess Jasmine


Since the attack in Paris Kim Kardashian took herself out of the public eye and has rarely been on social media since.

Now photos have appeared online of Kim dressed up as Princess Jasmine as she messed around with her daughter North West.

The photo above was uploaded to Kim’s website to give fans a glimpse to what Halloween festivities was like this year.

In the lovely image it shows Kim kissing little North as they where both dressed the same.

Then Kim’s mum Kris Jenner decided to share another snap of the mother and daughter together.

Have a look at the snaps above and below.

Kim Kardashian Is All Smiles As She Dresses As Princess Jasmine

Pete Andre Shares Cute Photo of Daughter Amelia Cooking With Wife Emily!

Pete Andre Shares Cute Photo of Daughter Amelia Cooking With Wife Emily!

Pete Andre likes to keep his private life private but now the TV personality has decided to share a super cute photo.

In the photo his daughter Amelia is cooking with her mum and wife to Peter Emily Macdonagh.

Along with the photo Pete said:

“Look who I saw baking a cake this morn :))) Lucky me.”

Such a lovely photo and it’s nice to see inside the life of Pete.

So cute!

Paddy McGuinness And Wife Christine Welcome Baby Girl Into The World


Congratulations are in order to Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine.

They are currently celebrating the safe delivery of their baby daughter and they have a super cute name for her.

They have named her…


Taking to his Twitter account eh TV host said:

“Welcome Felicity! The boys are officially out numbered in our house. Let the maternity see the leave!,”

“Thank you to all the Dr’s, nurses, wonderful maternity staff and the amazing team in NICU at St Marys hospital who helped our baby girl. (sic)

Then Paddy followed them tweets with a lovely photo post:


So lovely.

Big congratulations to Paddy and Christine.

Holly Willoughby Shares Cute Photo Of A Selfportrate Daughter Belle Drew Of Her

Wow Holly Willoughny has changed a lot. 

Holly has shared a super cute photo online of a drawing what her daughter Belle drew of her. 

In the photo you can see the resemblance of Holly with the long blonde hair. 

Along with the photo Holly said:

“Artist Belle – ‘mummy on a surf board’ … Adorable.”

Aw since when did Jolly have a career change?

This is just so cute.