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Coronation Street Viewers Left In Tears Over David Platt Rape Scenes

During tonight’s episode of Coronation Street viewers have been left in tears after they saw the aftermath of David Platt’s rape scenes.

It was on Friday nights episode when Corrie showed scenes of David being dragged to the bedroom by Josh Tucker and raped.

On tonight’s episode it showed David sittin in the shower and taking his clothes and putting them in a rubbish bag and throwing them away.

Then after walking back into the house Josh was in his living room chatting away to his mother Gail Platt like nothing had happened.

Viewers were left in tears over these screens as one person shared:

 “Omg #CoronationStreet tonight got me like @RClayton92 @JackPShepherd88 epic acting on both parts! Never felt sorry 4 David platt in my life like I did tonight #l”

Another said:

“I have so much respect for coronation street for creating this storyline and showing men can be victims of abuse too.”

Coronation Street Viewers Left Shocked Over Male Rape Scenes Before Watershed

On Friday night Coronation Street aired the first in a new male rape storyline and viewers have hit out at the soap over showing the scenes before the watershed.

On the episode it showed David Platt get drugged by Josh Tucker and dragged to the bedroom and rapped.

After dragging a unconscious David to the bedroom and placing him on the bed Josh said to him:

 “It’s gonna be lights on tonight I reckon,”

Watching the sceens one person tweeted:

Switched on to #corrie for 1st time in ages. That shouldn’t have been shown before the watershed, raising awareness yes, but it’s adult content.


While another said:

#corrie. And who thinks scenes like this are appropriate before the watershed? #corrielosttheplot

What did you think of the scenes?

Coronation Street Star Jack P Shepherd Splits From Fiancée After 15 Years

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd and his long-term fiancée Lauren Shippey have ended their relationship according to sources.

The pair who have been together for 15 years split this week as they have been thought alot in their time together as Lauren decided to forgive him for cheating on her.

The couple have told close pals that they are “over” and it is “just a matter of time” before they go their own ways.

It was in 2011 when Lauren threw him out after it was revealed that a DNA test came back saying he was dad to a baby boy after a one-night stand with sales executive Sammy Milewski.

Jack who plays david platt in the ITV soap begged Lauren to have him back and gifted her a £3,000 engagement ring.

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd Caught On Fire While Filming A Sceen

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd Caught On Fire While Filming A Sceen

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has been caught alight while filming sceens for the soap. The actor who plays David Platt on the ITV show, was reportedly playing with some fiery chains at a friend’s party when things got out of hand. Reports in the Sun have said that Jack was messing around when his t-shirt caught alight but thankfuly he walked away unhurt. A source told the news…

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Jack P Shepherd Wees On Emmerdale Street Sign!

Jack P Shepherd Wees On Emmerdale Street Sign!

Coronation Street bad boy David Platt who’s played by Jack P Shepherd has gotten himself into trouble with ITV bosses as he urinated on an Emmerdale street sign. Jack shared the photo on his Twitter account but quickly deleted the photo moments after but eager eyed Twitter users downloded the photo before it was deleted. A soap source has said: “Jack had a few drinks like the rest of the Corrie…

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Jack P Shepard Copies Michelle Keegan’s Abs Selfie

Jack P Shepard Copies Michelle Keegan’s Abs Selfie Jack P Shepherd has proved himself as the ultimate joker as he copied Michelle Keegan’s abs selfie. Jack posed in the mirror just like Michelle did. Michelle shared the photo Saturday evening and then Jack copied the photo yesterday. Along with the photo Jack said:

‘Monday. Chillin out in da gents. @michkeegan’

Haha Jack loves a good joke.