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Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

He’s been linked to a string of women but now Nick Knowles has said that he is not a womanizer and admitted that he cant go out with a woman without being linked in the press.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday morning the presenter turned singer has said:

“I’m picking up this reputation as a womaniser, and I’m not actually dating anybody.”

Nick was one linked to dating a woman in the press called Tori but now Nick has cleared up what happened as he said:

Knowles continued to say:

“Her husband doesn’t particularly like going to events and I was on my own going to an event so I said ‘do you wanna come along?’. So she came along.”

Other women who Nick has ‘dated’ include Julia Suzuki, Lark Rise to Candleford actress Olivia Hallinan, and former Towie star Pascal Craymer.

Selena Gomez Could Have Died If She Never Had Her Life-Saving Surgery

Selena Gomez has been opening up about her life-saving kidney operation and confessed that she could have died if she never had the operation.

Selena got emotional during the interview and said that  it was “kind of life or death” after she was suffering from autoimmune condition lupus.

It was earlier his year when Gomez annouced that her friend Francia Raisa had donated one of her kidneys to her in a secret operation.

Talking to US network NBC she said:

“My kidneys were just done.”

“That was it and I didn’t want to ask a single person in my life and that was the day I came home when I found out and she volunteered and did it.”

Then the presenter asked Selena:

“You feel like Francia saved your life?”

The singer responded:

“Because she did. That’s it.”

That’s amazing and so lovely that she had such an understanding friend.

Ola Jordan Grinds On Eamonn Holmes Live On This Morning

Eamonn Holmes seemed to have had his hands full on This Morning on Friday and it wasn’t with his wife Ruth Langsford.

Him and Ruth where interviewing James and Ola Jordan when Ola decided to walk away from her husband to dance with Eamonn and he seems to have a massive smile on his face.

Ruth’s face was a picture when Ola started to dance with Eamonn as Ola wanted to show the viewers what a “jealousy dance” was.

Phillip Schofield Hits Out At Kim Woodburn As He Tells Her To “Shut Her Face”

Kim Woodburn Forced To Shout Over Crying Baby On This Morning During Halloween Segment

They previously haven’t seen eye to eye but it seems like Phillip Schofield stood up to Kim Woodburn on This Morning today.

Kim was on the show presenting the fashion segment for Halloween as she was dressed as Cruella De Vil when a dog came out dressed in a spooky costume for Halloween but the mast was over the dogs eyes.

Philip stood up and moved the mast out of the way of the dogs face forcing Kim to step in a tell him to “stop interfering?”

Phillip then snapped back and said:

“Oh, shut your face!”

On previous shows Phill and Kim have came to blows and haven’t seen eye to eye so it was nice to sort of see them get on together.

Lorraine Kelly Forced To Help Cameraman As He Falls Over During Live Show

Lorraine Kelly had a bit of a shock today while filming with Tom Fletcher.

The pair where walking around the back of the studio when the cameraman filming them fell over onto the floor.

Viewers to the morning show where left shocked as the screen went all funny and then the camera hitting the floor.

Lorraine and Tom both rushed to his aid and picked him up to continue to film the show.

Kelly then shouted out:

‘Oh pet, you alright? Stand up, it’s OK’

Thankfully the cameraman was ok and not hurt at all.

Viewers took to their social media accounts after the fall as one person tweeted:

‘The camera man falling over on live TV was hilarious!! That made my morning’.

Another shared:

‘Omg the cameraman falling over on #lorraine has made my day hahahahahahahaha’.

Bless him it must have been so embarasing.

Lets hope that he is ok.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Breakdown In Laughter Over Couple Who Have 18 Hour Orgasum

They are the ray of sunshine of daytime TV but on Wednesday Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield broke down in laughter as they interviewed a couple who have a 18 hour orgasum.

During the interview Holly and Phil struggled to keep a straight face and then when the interview was over they just rolled around on the sofa forcing the show to go to the add break so they could contain themselves.

Melanie and Scott McClure where on the show talking about how they orgasm by just hugging thanks to tantra.

When the hots where introducing what was coming up on the rest of the show Phillip said,”Still to come” but saying that came at the wrong time.

Have a look at the interview below.