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Lorraine Kelly Forced To Help Cameraman As He Falls Over During Live Show

Lorraine Kelly had a bit of a shock today while filming with Tom Fletcher.

The pair where walking around the back of the studio when the cameraman filming them fell over onto the floor.

Viewers to the morning show where left shocked as the screen went all funny and then the camera hitting the floor.

Lorraine and Tom both rushed to his aid and picked him up to continue to film the show.

Kelly then shouted out:

‘Oh pet, you alright? Stand up, it’s OK’

Thankfully the cameraman was ok and not hurt at all.

Viewers took to their social media accounts after the fall as one person tweeted:

‘The camera man falling over on live TV was hilarious!! That made my morning’.

Another shared:

‘Omg the cameraman falling over on #lorraine has made my day hahahahahahahaha’.

Bless him it must have been so embarasing.

Lets hope that he is ok.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Breakdown In Laughter Over Couple Who Have 18 Hour Orgasum

They are the ray of sunshine of daytime TV but on Wednesday Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield broke down in laughter as they interviewed a couple who have a 18 hour orgasum.

During the interview Holly and Phil struggled to keep a straight face and then when the interview was over they just rolled around on the sofa forcing the show to go to the add break so they could contain themselves.

Melanie and Scott McClure where on the show talking about how they orgasm by just hugging thanks to tantra.

When the hots where introducing what was coming up on the rest of the show Phillip said,”Still to come” but saying that came at the wrong time.

Have a look at the interview below.

Love Island’s Chyna Ellis SWEARS Live On This Morning

Love Island's Chyna Ellis SWEARS Live On This Morning

This Morning viewers have been left shocked after Love Island’s Chyna Ellis was spotted swearing at Craig live on the show will presenter Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby where presenting live.

As you can see in the photo above Holly and Phil where standing infront of the camera while Chyna and Craig where having a little to do behind them.

Chyna, Craig and some of the other Love Island stars where on the show to get wet and wild on a water slide for the ITV morning show.

One Twitter users tweeted during the show:

“Anyone see that girl stick her middle finger up at that guy just then someone should of said it’s live #ThisMorning.”

While another said:

“Am I seeing things or did one of them just give the middle finger to someone in plain view on the telly? #ThisMorning.”

Yes she did give him the middle finger.

This Morning Viewers Go Wild As Phillip Schofield Tries on Orange Lip Gloss

This Morning Viewers Go Wild As Phillip Schofield Tries on Orange Lip Gloss

Phillip Schofield has made This Morning viewers laugh as he tried out some orange lip gloss live on the show.

The presenter looked down the camera as he placed the lip gloss on his lips as his co-presenter Holly Willoughby looked on laughing her head off.

Holly placed a big of the lip gloss on Phil’s nose and then said to him:

“Orange is definitely your colour!”

To what Philip then started applying the lip gloss to his lips.

Fans went crazy on social media with sharing screen shots from their TV’s and tweeting their views.

We just love Phil so funny.

Real Life Barbie Doll Appears On This Morning After Having £100K Worth Of Plastic Surgery

Real Life Barbie Doll Appears On This Morning After Having £100K Worth Of Plastic Surgery

A woman appeared on This Morning today who has spent a whopping £100,00 to look like a real life Barbie doll.

Kerry Miles has done everything she can to look like Barbie including a boob job, hair extensions, non-surgical face-lifts, botox, fillers and vampire face-lifts to achieve her doll dreams.

Talking on the show Kerry said that she was bullied at school because the size of her breasts causing her to want to change her body.

She said:

‘I didn’t like the way I looked, so I just went quite extreme.’

Kerry who even has her own life sized Barbie box then continued to say:

‘It is, because all my life I’ve done as I’m told and been bulled into saying this, and no I won’t do that, I just woke up one day and took the plunge and thought, “I’m going to do what I want to do now.”

Kerry appeared on the ITV show ahead of her Channel 5 show airing over the weekend.

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In eri Horner's Union Jack Dress

You go girl.

Kate Garraway has sent Good Morning Britain viewers crazy after she was dressed in Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress from the Spice Girls days.

The presenter was wearing the dress after she was interviewing Geri about her new George Michael tribute single Angel In Chains.

Kate, 50 surprised the singer as she was in that famous 1997 BRIT Awards dress and we have to say she looked simply fab in it.

Putting her arm around Kate, Geri said:

“Wow you’ve got it,” “I think you look lovely.”

Then the pre-recorded interview went off and Kate said in the studio:

“We were both supposed to be wearing the dress, but Geri said no and left me hanging.”

Such a funny moment and she just looks fab int hat dress

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