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Colchester Zoo’s Most Famous Orangutan Rajan Has Passed Away!

Today is a very sad day as Colchester Zoo have announced their one of their most loved animals Rajan the orangutan has sadly passed away.

Rajan’s health was slowly going down hill over a number of months as he suffered from extremely bad arthritis and the staff decided to put him to sleep.

The lovely orangutan who has been at the zoo since 1980 was 50 years-old- and loved interacting with members of the public thought the glass and he made the press world wide on a number of occasions with his love for pregnant womens bellies and tattoos.

Colchester zoo relesed a stateent and have said:

“We are aware that there are many visitors that have grown up knowing Rajang and who visited him regularly. To ensure we capture all of your beautiful memories we are going to site a special book at Orangutan Forest where we kindly ask you to write your fondest memories of Rajang.Rajang has been one of the most amazing ambassadors for his species which is so vitally important especially right now with the effect of deforestation which is reducing the number of orangutans in the wild.Sleep tight Rajang, you will be missed but never forgotten”.

Paul O’Grady Speaks For The First Time About Cilla Balck After Her Death!

Paul O’Grady Speaks For The First Time About Cilla Balck After Her Death!

Since the news broke on Sunday afternoon that Cilla Black had passed away friend and fellow Celebritys had been reacting to the news and relesing statements everyone except Paul O’Grady her best friend. Well now just before ITV aired her tribute special that aired a couple of years ago it showed Paul speaking about his late friend. Paul said: “It’s odd to believe that only two short years ago…

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Cilla Black Died Of A Stroke

Cilla Black Died Of A Stroke

The family of Cilla Black have annouced she died from a stroke. Results from of the post-mortem into her death shows the entertainer died of natural causes. Now in a statement Cilla’s family said she had a stroke after losing her balance and hitting her head whilst sunbathing. Cilla’s sons Robert, Ben & Jack, said in a joint statement: We are devastated by the sad loss of our mother, but have…

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