Katie Price Is Planning To Have A Designer Vagina Operation As A Gift To Toyboy Boyfriend Kris Boyson

She’s going to do everything she can to keep her man happy.

Katie Price has shocked her mum and friends as she has confessed that she is planning on having a designer vagina operation to make her private parts more tighter after having five children.

Katie has confessed that she wants to have this surgery as a gift for her new toyboy lover Kris Boyson.

Katie who has been dating Kris for only a couple of months now is going to do everything she can to make him happy even if it means going under the knife.

Talking on her reality show My Crazy Life, what is going to air on Monday she said:

‘I am telling you now, you want to watch the next series. I will be back with a vengeance, I might look different.’  To which her mother snapped: ‘No you’re not!’

She then continued:

 ‘I might, I’ve got a summer holiday, I’m going to have a change, I’m going to have some surgery.’

Hearing what her daughter was saying her mother Amy pipped up and said:

‘No, no more – you don’t need it!’

Kate continued:

‘I need a designer vagina, thank you very much, I am going to have some tweaks!’

‘No, mum, you had a prolapse like me’,

‘Just because your insides were coming out, that is different to having a designer vagina, that’s having your labias cut and that. You haven’t had all that s**t. Or have you?’


Danniella Westbrook Films Herself Having A DESIGNER VAGINA Operation Snapchat


Danniella Westbrook is no stranger to showing thing off on social media but now she has taken it to the next level by filming a designer vagina operation and uploading it to Snapchat.

The actress looked really happy as she shared the personal operation on Snapchat as she layed back on the bed.

Starting off the video she said:

‘Just another day in the crazy world of Danniella Westbrook.’

She continued:

‘Get ready for that designer vagina people’,

‘See the thing is, when you have this designer vagina done you thinks it’s gonna really hurt… it don’t. I’m having my treatment done right now.’

She seemed really in good spirits after the operation and please with the results too.