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Justin Bieber Punches Fan In The Face Causing Bleeding!!


Not good at all.

Justin Bieber has decided to hit out at a male fan as he punched him in the face causing bleeding.

It was on Tuesday when Bieber was on the way to his next Purpose World Tour when he was cruising through the streets

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Donald Trump Called Khloe Kardashian A ‘Fat Piglet’ On Celebrity Apprentice!

Donald Trump Called Khloe Kardashian A 'Fat Piglet' On Celebrity Apprentice!

He’s just so vile.

More and more horrible reports are coming out about Donald Trump but now one of the reports have thrown Khloe Kardashian into the mix.

It was back in 2009 when Khloe appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and was fired

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Costume Company Removes Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Outfit From Their Site

Costume Company Makes Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Outfit

Yesterday we told you about a costume company started selling a Kim Kardashian inspired halloween costume from when she was attacked last week at gunpoint.

Now we have learnt that the company have decided to remove the

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Billy Bush To Leave The Today Show After The Awful Comments Along With Donald Trump

Billy Bush Is Not Going To Lose His Today Show Job Over The Sexual Comments From 2005

It’s looking like the end for Billy Bush and his Today show job.

The TV presenter is reportedly negotiating his exit from the daytime talk show with NBC, over them disgusting comments about women from 2005 alongside of Donald Trump.


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Billy Bush Joked About ‘Topless Maids’ Earlier This Year!

Billy Bush Joked About 'Topless Maids' Earlier This Year!

It’s just getting worse and worse for Billy Bush!!

On Friday we where all shocked to see footage of Billy Bush and Donald Trump talking disgusting about women during 2005.

Since the footage was published both Billy and Donald have apolisgiez

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