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This Morning’s Doctor Zoe Williams Announces She is Freezing Her Eggs Aged 37

Dr Zoe Williams has appeared on This Morning during her regular health slot on the ITV show when she confessed that she is freezing her eggs aged 37.

Zoe is paying the £10,000 to have them frozen as she confessed on This Morning that she can now afford to have the procedure done.

Zoe admitted that the reason behind her not having children sooner is because she hasn’t ‘found the right partner’ and is currently single.

Dr Williams then confessed that the success rates for the procedure are very low and wasnt for everyone.

She said:

‘The reason I haven’t become a mum is because I haven’t found the right partner. I kind of wish I’d done it sooner,’

‘I think if women are reaching the age of 30 and they’re in a financial position, because it is expensive, and they’re not in the position to have children in a year or two then I would consider it.’

The procedure and her journey is being filmed for This Morning as she confirmed:

‘I want to share it with people, there is a lot of stigma surrounding that and I want to help.’

This will be interesting to watch and we personally think she is really brave to speak so openly.

Simon Cowell Forced To Pull out Of Pride Of Britain Awards Due To Illness

He had to pull out of the first live shows of the series on the X Factor and now Simon Cowell has had to pull out of the Pride Of Britain awards due to doctors telling him not to attend.

Simon who has not been well since Friday has had to miss the event tonight in London as he has been put on rest by doctors.

It’s been said that he is going to be having more test done this week to determine what exactly is wrong with him.

Holly Willoughby Left Squirming As Doctor Does Botox And Fillers Live On This Morning

Phobia of needles Holly??

Holly Willoughby has been left squirming as a doctor performs botox and filler live on This Morning.

While the blonde was introducing the item on the show she was making faces to the camera to say that she is not keen on what was about to happen and had a look of shock on her face thought the whole thing.

During the item Holly said thats he could “hit the deck”.

Throughout the segment Holly kept on asking the lady if it was hurting but she kept on saying that it was fine.

We cant see Holly going to get any fillers anytime soon can you??

Rod Stewart Forced To Cancel London Gig Due To Throat Infection!

Rod Stewart Forced To Cancel London Gig Due To Throat Infection!

He was meant to be performing at the O2 tonight but Rod Stewart has been forced to cancel the show due to him coming down with the throat infection.

The signer was advised by a doctor to not perform his gig at the O2 on Tuesday night and to have a few days of forcing him to reschedules the gig.

The show has been rescheduled to Monday, December 12 instead and anyone who can’t attend then can grab a refund.

A statement on The O2 website read:

“We are sorry to announce that tonight’s Rod Stewart show is now being moved to 12 December due to a throat infection. Doctors have advised a few days rest before resuming the tour on Friday 25 November in full health.

“All tickets for tonight’s show remain valid for the 12 December 2016.

“If you are unable to attend the new date, please contact your point of purchase to obtain a refund.”

We hope that he is feeling better soon.

Kanye West’s Doctor Warned Police That He Is Dangerous As He Warned Attempted Assault

Kanye West's Doctor Warned Police That He Is Dangerous As He Warned Attempted Assault

As we have been telling you today about how Kanye West was rushed to hospital and is being treated for exhaustion. Some sources here saying that he was dangerous but now his doctor has confirmed the news.

It’s been said that Kanye’s doctor, Michael Farzam,  warned the police that he is dangerous and attempted assault and asked the cops to protect while staff treated him.

Michael said on the phone call that West “suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

Police reports have said that Kanye tried to assault a gym worker too in weeks before him being rushed to hospital.

Kanye was reportedly handcuffed during his trip to the hospital.

What really is going on with him??