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Love Island Star Admits Having Sex On Reality Show TV Ruined His Career

Dom Lever who appeared on Love Island last year has confessed that having sex on the reality show with his now fiancee Jessica Shears ruined his career.

Dom who was a careers advisor before entering the villa last year said that getting fruity under the sheets on national television ruined his career and he has never got over it.

Talking on ITV’S This Morning on Monday Dom said:

“My career was over [when I left the show],’ Dom said on ITV’s This Morning.

“I worked with children so I could never go back to that job after having sex on TV.”

He then continued:

 “I told Jess not to pick me – I wanted a summer of fun.

“And now look at us.”

What’s done it done.

Jessica Shears Hits Out At Critics Over Her TV Wedding

Jessica Shears Hits Out At Critics Over Her TV Wedding

On valentine’s Day Jessica Shears and Dom Lever acted out their wedding day on Good Morning Britain and it has caused a huge reaction.

Now Jessica has hit out at the critics who have slammed her and Dom for acting out their big day on the show.

Jess took to Twitter and shared:

“So many people getting their knickers in a twist this morning about mine and @_DomLever Valentines Wedding on @GMB We had such a laugh and can’t wait for the REAL wedding now in October #learntotakeajokekids.”

While Dom took to his accoutn and said:

 “What a morning #haterswillhate.”

That’s true Dom they will.

Jessica Shears Strips Off To MARRY Dom Lever On GMB

They are set to marry for real but on Wednesday Jessica Shears and Dom Lever stripped off on Good Morning Britain for a playful ceremony with presenter Richard Arnold, who had been ordained for the occasion.

Jess was dressed in a white bikini while Dom was just in white shorts

Twitter rupted with comments after they stripped off while doing their interview to ‘get married’ but one person who was watching the show on his holidays was show presenter Piers Morgan who tweeted:

Can I cover the live divorce when I get back in 10 days?

While another viewers said:

Have you ever seen anything so cringey!? Lol

Another another said:

The most PATHETIC thing I’ve ever witnessed #gmb

Love Island Fans Are Confused Over Dom Lever’s “Tiny D***” In This Instagram Snap

Love Island's Jessica Shears And Dom Leaver Share Sexy Bedroom Snap

As we told you a little earlier about the photo what Love Island’s Dom Lever and Jessica Shears have uploaded on their Instagram accounts of them both laying down on the bed showing off their toned boys but it wasn’t their bodies what got people talking.

Dom’s Instagram followers have been commenting on the photo talking about how small his ‘package’ looks in the photo.

Instagram followers started to comment as one said:

“Yo he has a tiny a** d**k,”

While another said:

“Where’s his willy?”

Another another said:

“Lmao he doesn’t have a d**k,”

If you’re a regular to Love Island then you would have heard Jess talking about how big his penis was but by the looks of this photo it doesn’t look very big at all.

Love Island’s Jessica Shears And Dom Leaver Share Sexy Bedroom Snap

Love Island's Jessica Shears And Dom Leaver Share Sexy Bedroom Snap

They have proved that they love one another since they left the Love Island villa but now Jessica Shears and Dom Lever have snared a snap from their bedroom.

The pair have both uploaded a photo of them both laying down on a bed in their underwear showing off their toned bodies.

Dom showed off his six pack while Jess showed off her tiny tummy in the sexy snap what has been sending their followers crazy.

There boys are amazing.

Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis Is Going around Ibiza Saying He Had Sex With Jessica Shears

Love Islands Jessica Shears And Mike Thalassitis Get Very Close After Filming Together

They both denied it but now it seems someone is admitting it.

Rimors have been flying around saying that Jessica Shears And Mike Thalassitis had sex the night they emerge kicked out of the Love Island villa but then they both denied it during interviews.

now Mike aparently has been going around Ibiza where he currently is on holiday telling peop,e that they both had sex together.

One tourist said he saw Mike “bouncing” around the tourist hotspot “telling everyone he banged” Jess.

One source said:

“I saw Mike in a toilet in Ocean Beach in Ibiza.

“I called him ‘Muggy Mike’ and another lad started laughing and said, ‘I wanted to say that but you beat me to it’.

It continued to say:

“I then asked him if he banged Jess and he said, ‘What do you think?’.

“I said of course he did and he tapped me on the back and said ‘very clever man’ and winked.”

Well well well who knows what to believe?

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