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Drake Is Secretly Dating Big Brother’s Lateysha Grace After Taking Her For Posh Dinner

Wow we didn’t expect this at all.

It’s been reported that Drake has been taking Celebrity Big Brother star Lateysha Grace out for ‘posh dinners’ and have been dating.

The pair who are worlds apart have been meeting up while drake has been in the UK as a source has said to The Sun:

 “Drake took Lateysha to a fancy restaurant on Tuesday. They had a great time hanging out together and didn’t stop talking all night.

“She’s planning on visiting him in Los Angeles soon when he heads back home.”

It seems like there might be a new celebrity couple around.

We will keep you posted on thtis story when we know more.

Chris Hughes Forced To Apologize After He Raps Using N-Word!

Chris Hughes has apologized on Social media after he filmed himself rapping online and he was using the n-word in the rap.

In the video Chris was standing next to his girlfriend Olivia Attwood with a Snapchat filter on his face when he used the awful word while rapping a Drake song.

Taking to Twitter Chris shared:

 “Apologies to everyone. Just caught mid flow and unaware at the time I did that. No excuses”.

“I wanted to take this moment to address the situation with regards to me being filmed singing the lyrics of the Drake song on Saturday night in a club.

He continued to write:

“While it is clear I am singing along to the lyrics of an artist I love, I can see, and completely understand, how this has caused offense (sic).

“This is absolutely the last thing I would ever have wanted to do and I can only apologise to you all.”

“I am mortified that anyone would be upset by my actions.

“I see this stuff on Snapchat every Saturday and Sunday morning, but that’s no excuse.”


Jennifer Lopez And Drake Have Ended Their Relationship!

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Look In Love As They Cuddle Up And Both Share Same Pic To Instagram

Well that didn’t last long.

It’s looking like Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s relationship is over just after a few weeks as sources have said that they have ‘cooled things off.’

E! News has peen reporting saying that the pair are going their separate ways, at least temporarily. 

A source has said:

‘[They] have taken some time apart, not because they don’t want to be with each other, just because their schedules started getting insane.’

The source then continued to say that the pair are still talking:

‘J Lo and Drake are still talking, so people should know they are not in any means angry or that some incident happened. It mainly had to do with timing,’

‘They have just cooled things off a bit and it’s not as fast as it was in the beginning. They very well may go to dinner tomorrow or in a month. They are in each others’ lives, just doing their own thing now.’

Well that didn’t last long at all.

We have taken longer to eat our dinner than it’s taken them to split up.

Madonna Had A Fling With Drake!!!!!

Madonna Had A Fling With Drake!!!!!

Wow where did this come from??

It seems the showbiz world is a little shocked at the moment as it’s been said that Madonna has had a fling with Drake.

Madge who’s 58 and Drake 30 had the fling before they had that awkward stage snog back in 2015 but it seems that it’s all coming out of the woodwork now.

Drake who opened his tour in London last night was said to have happened before that kiss causing them to fall out with one and other.

A source has said:

“Everyone in Madonna’s circle was totally aware there was a brief fling between Madonna and Drake in 2015.

It continued:

“They knew it wasn’t going to last forever obviously but both of them were single at the time.

“There was definitely a massive attraction between them.

“Drake has a track record with older women too so Madonna is absolutely his type.

“They had fun together but kept it strictly secret. Neither of them ever plan to discuss it.”

This has came completely out of the blue.

It’a smad who would have thought that after that weird stage kiss they would have had a fling together??

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Look In Love As They Cuddle Up And Both Share Same Pic To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Look In Love As They Cuddle Up And Both Share Same Pic To Instagram

It seems like Jennifer Lopez and Drake have confirmed their relationship as the pair have posed for a loved up pic on Instagram and they both have shared it to their accounts.

The pair looked very much in love as they posed in the snap for the camera with their arms around one and other just after the christmas holiday.

Speculation has been going around for a few weeks about these two but it seems this photo has just confirmed it.

Have a look at the photo above and let us know what you think about it.

Jennifer Lopez Refuses One Million Dollar New Years Eve Nightclub Appearance


Jennifer Lopez must have more money than we thought because now she has turned down a whopping $1 Million dollar gig on New Years Eve as she was asked to appear at a nightclub appearance.

TMZ have said that the singer has brought a new Bel Air home and she just wants to spend the new year in the lovely house with her family and it seems a million pound wouldnt tear her away fromt that at all.

An insider has said:

“She was just so consumed with ‘Shades of Blue,’ her concert and other obligations, getting on a plane for New Year’s just seemed too much and she wanted some personal and family time during the holidays.”

At the end of the day what is money when it comes to your family??

Will she invite Drake over?

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