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Katie Price Hits out At Local Council Over Bad Weather Conditions Despite Being Banned From Driving

Katie Price was banned from driving a couple of weeks ago but now it seems that she might not be sticking to the ban as she has hit out at her local council for not doing anything to the roads with clearing the snow.

Katie took to her Instagram page to share a video where she was shouting about the snow on her car and how bad the roads where.

In the video she said:

“Oh my God, so I’m on my way to the next destination, and how bad are these roads?

“We need to get the people out to come and sort the roads in Kent!”

Then later on she shared a photo of a car crash involving a lorry and wrote on the snap:

“Hope driver ok” alongside a scream emoji.

Katie also shared a photo what was taken out of the car window of how bad the roads where.

Katie Price Gets A Six month Driving Ban And £750 Find After Speeding Land Rover Near Her Susex Home

Katie Price Annouces She's Pregnant During Nightclub Appearance

That’s not good!

Katie Price has been banned from driving for six months after she has been caught for the second time in six years speeding up and down the roads near her home in sussex.

The mother of five has had her licence taken away for six months and ordered to pay £750 as she cant keep to the speed limit.

The Sun has reported that she will also have to pay as £200 in costs and a £75 surcharge following her conviction, according to the paper.

Jemma Lucy Shoots Down Claims That She Was Driving While Using Snapchat


Jemma Lucy has hit out at claims that she was using Snapchat to film a video while she was driving.

In the video Jemm is driving along while videoing but she has said that the car was parked while she was videoing.

Jack Kushner, a spokesperson for road safety charity Brake, has asked Jemma to not film while she is driving.

Hitting back at the claims she said:

‘I’m sorry if this looked like I was Snapchatting whilst driving I would like to make it clear that at this time I was not driving I was stationary. Please don’t ever use your phone whilst driving it’s really dangerous.’

Jack Kushner has since spoke to the Daily Mail and said:

‘Distracted driving is a growing menace, and selfishly using a mobile device behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous.

‘It is concerning to see Jemma using Snapchat whilst driving – research shows that using a phone behind the wheel affects reaction times as much as drink driving.

Jemma was clearly driving around in the video as you can see in the snaps below.

What do you think??

jemma-lucy-shoots-down-claims-that-she-was-driving-while-using-snapchat-2 jemma-lucy-shoots-down-claims-that-she-was-driving-while-using-snapchat

London Drive Caught Eating Breakfast From A Bowl At The WHEEL!!

London Drive Caught Eating Breakfast From A Bowl At The WHEEL!!

Shocking footage of a woman eating her breakfast at the wheel of her car has been publsihed online. The woman was driving her Land Rover during the morning rush hour driving though London and she can been seen having a good old munch on her breakfast in Hampton Court, west London. Cyclist David Williams caught the moment on film and has uploded online and it has proved very very popualr getting…

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