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Peter Andre Asks Katie Price To Take A Drugs Test Before Returning Their Children

Katie Price Admits Princess And Junior Are Living With Ex Husband Peter Andre To Avoid 'Emotional Upset'

Katie Price has apparently been on a month long ban by Peter Andre from seeing their two children together Princess and Junior.

Now Katie is about to see the kids again but Peter has demanded that Katie dies a drugs test to see if she has been taking any substance or not.

Price who is currently in a new relationship with toy boy Kris Boyson will apparently have to take the test if she wants anything more to do with her two other children.

An insider has said to Heat:

“[Peter] has had enough,”

“He didn’t put up with this behaviour when he was with Katie and he’s not going to now the kids are old enough to understand everything,” they continued.

“He says there is no excuse for poor parenting – the children must come first.

“Katie is going to have to prove herself if she wants to see them again,”

Scotty T Axed From Geordie Shore After He’s Photograpphed Snorting Drugs

Scotty T Admits He Has Slept With 1,000 Women AND Paid One Night Stand To Have An Abortion

Scotty T has been axed from Geordie Shore after photos appeared in the media of his snorting drugs.

Scotty was given the boot after the producers saw the photos of him taking the drugs and this is not hte first time as he was photographed taking more drugs while he was filming Just Tattoo Of Us too.

Bosses at MTV have said that his behaviour is “unacceptable” .

A source has said:

“Scotty cannot be trusted filming with the cast; he’s a liability and no one needs the stress of minding after him.

“He’s been a great long running character but his behaviour towards the end of last year proved that he no longer deserves a place on the series.

“The cast are flying out to Australia at the end of this week and he won’t be joining them.”


Viewers Though Gordon Ramsay Would Be Taking Drugs Himself On His ITV Programme

Viewers Though Gordon Ramsay Would Be Taking Drugs Himself On His ITV Programme

Viewers to Gordon Ramsay’s new ITV Gordon On Cocaine has left viewers disappointed after they thought that the show would see him do drugs personally.

The show was about Gordon investigating how widespread Cocaine is in the UK and it seems the viewers got the wrong end of the stick.

One Twitter user what goes under the name of @StoutSAFC tweeted:

“Ten minutes into Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine and he’s not had a single line, false advertisement this.”

While other said:
 “Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine is such a misleading title. Shame.”
 “Really enjoyed Gordon on Cocaine. Looking forward to Delia On Heroin next week and Nigella on Ket the week after that.”
What do you think did you enjoy the show Thursday night?

Robbie Williams Admits He Did Drugs In Buckingham Palace

Robbie Williams Admits He Did Drugs In Buckingham Palace

He’s had his demons in the past but it seems he brought them along to Buckingham Palace as Robbie Williams has confessed that he took drugs while he was at the palace.

Robbie Williams has said that when he was performing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012 he was being naughty behind the scenes after he was asked if he had ever been sick at the palace.

He said:

‘Threw up in Buckingham Palace? No, I smoked a spliff in Buckingham Palace.”

He’s so naughty!

You would have thought that someone would have smelt it and catched him out.