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Courtney Stodden Let’s Date Rub Sunscreen Into Her Boobs During Date On Celebs Go Dating

Courtney Stodden has never been shy about showing off her assets but on Celebs Go Dating on Wednesday night viewers where left shocked to see Courtney on a date where she allowed him to rub sunscreen into her boobs.

The blonde beauty was punting in Cambridge where she announced that her boobs where ‘going red’ due to the sun causing Adrian to volunteer to rub the cream in while Calum Best and his date Victoria looked on in shock.

After Adrian covered her boobs she then said:

‘Does it look like there is something splurted on me?’

Wow what a first date.

We bet Adrian couldnt believe his luck that day.

Calum Best, Frankie Cocozza And Bobby Norris Are All Looking For Love On Celebs Go Dating

Calum Best, Frankie Cocozza And Bobby Norris Are All Looking For Love On Celebs Go Dating

Yay we are so excited that it’s coming back.

It’s that time again where celebs try and find love on E4’s dating show Celebs Go Dating and this years we have some different faces as Calum Best, Bobby Norris, Arg Argent and others are all trying to find love.

One person who’s going to be on the show and making his return to TV is Frankie Cocozza.

The former X Factor star who hasn’t shied away from the papers since being on the show is returning to our TV to try and find love on the show what sees the Celebs go for dates with normal un-famous people.

Bobby from TOWIE will be the first person from the LBGT community to appear on the show so this will be fantastic to see him go on dates.

We just cant wait for the series to being but sadly we dont have a start date but the minute we do we will let you know.

Are you looking forward to Celebs Go Dating??

Stephen Bear Is Finally Confronted On Celebs Go Dating About His Relationship With Charlotte Crosy

The viewers to Celebs Go Dating have known for a while that Steven Bear is dating Charlotte Crosby but it’s only just coming out on the program about his girlfriend.

Bear has gotten himself in so much trouble by the producers of the show for agreeing to appear on the show while he was dating the former Geordie Shore star.

On tonight’s episode body language expert Judi James FINALLY confronted him about his relationship status and told him off as he has been keeping it from dating agents Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman.

Judi said to him:

“You’re going on dates and at the same time, there’s pictures of you in the paper with someone else.”

Watching the moment on a TV screen Nadia then turned to Eden and said:

“she’s asked if he is seeing anyone else”

Bear then replied back to Judi:

“You only get seen with one, but I could be kissing a few girls.”

“There’s one main girl i’m seeing out of the agency we are having a good time”.

Then Nadia said:

“I knew it”

We wonder if he will be kicked off the show because the main reason behind the program is to find love and if he’s already in a relationship then there is no need for him to be there.

Jorgie Porter Admits That Her Vagina Is ‘Skipping’ As She Continues To See Rugby Player James On Celebs Go Dating

Sher took a shining to James the minute she saw him while on Celebs Go Dating but on the latest show Jordie Porter has admitted that her vagina is ‘skipping’ as she prepares to go on another date with the rugby hunk.

In a clip of the show published on the MailOnline the Hollyoaks actress admits of the possibility of ‘doing it’ with James during a romantic getaway to Brighton.

Jorgie was talking to dating agents Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman, when she admitted that she was going to pack some sexy underwear for the trip away and that’s when Nadia asked Jorgie if her vagina is ready for James.

Nadia said:

‘Is your vagina excited?’

To what Jorgie replied:

‘She’s skipping. It’s a new feeling.’

Bless her.

They really do make such a good couple and it’s lovely to see how their relationship is going over the course of the shows.

Ferne McCann Is Going On Dates With Penis Pump Model

She’s currently starring on E4’s Celebs Go Dating to find love but it look’s like Ferne McCann has already found love with a penis pump model.

Ferne has been on a date on the show with a man called Ellis Lacy who you may know from the X Factor and his online videos of him using a pump around his pensis.

McCann has described the hunk as “hot” and thinks it could be “promising” when talking about a relationship with him.

After not getting anywhere on the X Factor he decided to stay a Youtube channel where he would use a penis pump and has been watched by millions of people.

At the end of one of the videos after he did a seven day trial he said:

“My flaccid penis is fuller. My erect penis is harder.”

At least she will have a good time if she takes him to the bedroom then.

Stephen Bear Gets Dropped From Celebs Go Dating And Banned From Launch Party Due To New Relationship With Carlotte Corsby

Stephen Bear Gets Dropped From Celebs Go Dating And Banned From Launch Party Due To New Relationship With Carlotte Corsby

They have not confirmed or denied that they are dating but it seems Stephen Bear’s ‘relationship’ to Charlotte Crosby has lost him a job.

Bear has been filming Celebs Go Dating what is a show about dating experts trying to find a group of celebrities a partner.

Producers of the show have decided to sack Bear and ban him from the launch party after the producers found out about his relationship to the former Geordie Shore star.

The pair have never confirmed their relationship but just lately they have been together all the time and Charlotte has even been staying over at Bears house.

It’s been said by sources that Bear ‘broken the rules’ by seeing Charlotte in his personal life as dating agent Eden Blackman told MailOnline:

‘After a longer discussion with Stephen I have agreed that we can no longer support him in his search for love.

‘It has been clear over the past week that despite some promising and fun early dates, his attentions are now elsewhere so it’s time to call it a day. We wish him well.’

Bear seems furious with this as he has taken to Twitter to shared:

‘So @CelebsGoDating stop me from entering @bbuk in Jan and now they’ve banned me from going to the launch party on Monday. Never mind.’

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