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Lydia Bright And Ashley Cain Shared A Snog While Filming Five Star Hotel

Lydia Bright And Ashley Cain Shared A Snog While Filming Five Star Hotel

Ohh naughty!

It’s been said that it wasn’t just the guest on Five Star Hotel who where getting together while filming as apparently Lydia Bright and Ashley Cain who were meant to be running the hotel where snogging.

Sources have been saying that the pair were getting very close while they were filming but now Ashley has confirmed that they are ‘just friends’.

Ashley who claims he has slept with other a thousand women said:

“We got on fine. It was nice. There wasn’t romance.

“One night we had a little kiss but it was nothing more than just a lean over, then it happened and that

He continued:

“Me and Lydia are just friends and we get on and she’s nice but she just blabs on a bit and she knows that.

“I can’t deal with her stories. We’ll be walking for ten minutes and she’ll still be talking about this story.”

Ashley also admitted that he would ‘love a girlfriend’ but it seems Lydia is not the right girl for that.

Has Celebs Go Dating’s Coach Eden Blackman Been Sacked?

Has Celebs Go Dating's Coach Eden Blackman Been Sacked?

Well we wonder?

It’s been reported that Celebs Go Dating love coach Eden Blackman has been sacked.

For the last few day’s the rumors have been flying around after it was revealed that he had been cheating on his girlfriend.

This comes after it was alleged that Eden was asking the female celebrity date hopefuls for their Instagram names so he can follow them and direct message them after filming.

Nothing has been confirmed that Eden has been sacked from the show but at the moment it is just hear say.

Celebs Go Dating Viewers Left Shocked Over Sam Thompson’s Hugh Package


Celebs Go Dating Viewers Left Shocked Over Sam Thompson's Hugh Package

With their trip to Cape Verde coming up Sam Thompson and Mike Thalassitis have wanted to top up their tans so0 they decided to have a spray tan.

The pair were filmed and the scene was aired on Celebs Go Dating but it wasn’t the spray tan what viewers were watching as they just couldn’t take their eyes of Sam’s impressive package.

Sam since has been accused on Twitter of stuffing socks down his boxers to make his parts look bigger.

One viewer wrote:

“My eyes!!! Sam is packing! #CelebsGoDating.

While another said:

“F***ing hell Sam’s got not just a sock down there but a whole sock drawer….including the drawer itself. #celebsgodating.

Another said:

My eyes!!! Sam is packing!  


Mike Thalassistis Shocks Celebs Go Dating Coaches Eden Blackman And Nadia Essex By Licking His Date

Mike Thalassistis Shocks Celebs Go Dating Coaches Eden Blackman And Nadia Essex By Licking His Date

He’s been the talk of this years series but with another week to go it seems like there is going to be a lot more to talk about Mike Thalassistis On Celebs Go Dating.

On an upcoming episode it’s going to show Mike on a date with a young woman when he decided to lick her while blindfolded much to the shock of dating coaches Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex.

Mike was at a mixer when the woman sat down in front of him but he couldn’t see her because of the blindfold.

He said to the camera:

“I want these girls to really test me. What I don’t want is for them to roll over and make it easy, I’m over that.”

Nadia was left really choked when Mike said:

 “I’m going to have to use my other senses, I’m going to have to taste you.”

His date Megan then put her finger in his mouth.

Mike Thalassitis Admits To Sleeping With His Last Date On Celebs Go Dating Despite Dating megan McKenna

He’s a one for the ladies but has he already cheated on ‘the one’?

Mike Thalassitis who is currently appearing on Celebs Go Dating has admitted that he had sex with his last date after they both meet while at a acrobatics class.

Overt the last few days reports have been flying around saying that Mike is dating Megan McKenna and remember back to the new year when Mike shared a photo of him and Megan getting really close to his Instagram page?

Talking to The Sun, Mike said:

‘I slept with one girl, we did trapeze on a date and she’s a contortionist, she’s really bendy’,

‘I got an idea that she was going to give me a bad review after the date so we had a little chat and I ended up going back to her hotel because I knew that I was going to go back to the agents and they’d be like “you didn’t do it right, you had a bad date.”‘

He then continued:

“She only gave you a seven” then I sprung it on them that I slept with her on the same night and I got one up over them again. I thought I’d sleep with more girls.’

We wonder how Megan feels about this??

Just Why Is Celebs Go Dating Not On Tonight?

With the new series of Celebs Go Dating starting last Sunday viewers have been watching the show every night.

Sadly tonight the dating show isn’t on our TV screens due to E4 airing a film.

The new series is not going to be shown on E4 on a Friday over the next four weeks but the episode what is not going to be on will be show on Sunday’s instead.

So you won’t miss out on you’re dating fix but will just have to wait Friday and Saturday instead.

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