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Big Brother’s Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

Big Brother's Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

She has been getting steamy under the covers in the Big Brother house since Sam entered the house but now Ellie Young has been spotted with a large love bite on her bottom.

The geordie has been wandering around the house with her bottom out showing off the rather large bite mark on her ass cheek and fan shave been shocked to see the photo float around social media.

Next thing they will be having sex on the show you watch.

Big Brother’s Ellie Young Had Snog With New Boy Sam Chaloner


Unlucky in love `Ellie Young has had a snog in the Big Brother house.

Ellie who fell for Lotan Carter seemed like she would never find someone until New Boy Sam Chalner entered the house and said that she was exactly his type.’

The pair had a kiss in the bedroom but decided to keep it away from their other housemates but we can gaurente In typical Big `Brother fashion we bet the there housemates will fine out soon.

Ellie seemed over the moon with the kiss and we don’t think that Sam was complaining either.

Big Brother’s Chanelle McCleary And Ellie Young Cover Nude Boobs In Glitter For Shopping Task

Big Brother's Chanelle McCleary And Ellie Young Cover Nude Boobs In Glitter For Shopping Task

They where both involved in some of the biggest rows of the series but now Chanelle McCleary And Ellie Young have decided to see the funny side to being in the Big Brother house as they both went topless and covered their boobs with glitter.

The pair where taking part in the shopping task where they had to cover their boobs in glitter as you can see in the image above.

In the scenes what will air on Tuesday night the pair put on a naughty display as they bared all in aid of glitter.

This weeks shopping task meant the housemates had to transform into something hippy commune centered around peace and love.

Goodness they need peace and love with all what;s gone on in the house over the weekend.

Marnie Simpson Enjoys Passionate Kiss With Kieran Lee In Big Brother As She Admits He Kissed Better Than Former Boyfriend Lewis Bloor

Marnie Simpson has had her fair share of boyfriend over the years but has she found another one?

Marnie who is currently in the Big Brother house for the second time in a year has decided to have a song with hunk Keiran Lee as she admitted that his kissing skills where up to date and he kissed better than her ex boyfriend Lewis Bloor.

Since entering the house a couple of days ago Marnie has let her wild Geordie Shore side out as she decided to sit on the sofa licking her own nipple and also necking on with Ellie Young as well as Kieran.

Marnie seems to be having the time of her life in the house.

Big Brother’s Lotan Carter Levas Ellie Young In Tears As He Sits Her Dow To Admit He’s Still In Love With His Ex

Big Brother's Lotan Carter Levas Ellie Young In Tears As He Sits Her Dow To Admit He's Still In Love With His Ex

She has has been falling more and more in love with him since the series began but now poor Elie Young has got her heart broken in the Big Brother house.

Since setting her eyes on Lotan Levas, Ellie has admitted that she likes him and really does fancy the dream boy but in tonight’s episode on Big Brother viewers will see Ellie get her heartbroken as Lotan sits her down an confesses that he is still madly in love with his ex.

The pair who have been spending so much time together and getting really close but deep down Ellie has known that Lotan isn’t really interested in hr but it seems that it stil has came as a shock for her.

Having a heart to heart with he hunk Ellie said:

“I just think you’re amazing. I’m really worrying that the girl you’re in love with is going to hate me. I’m really worried about,”

Lotan then replied to her:

“She wouldn’t. She’s the loveliest person. She would love you,”

Ellie then said back:

“Obviously you know I’m attracted to you. I love spending time with you. I think you’re great. I honestly couldn’t wish you more happiness. I really, really hope you get the love of your life. I really, really do.”

Ellie then couldn’t hold back the tears any more as she burst out crying causing Lotan to cuddle her while she whispered “I love you you’re amazing”.

Make sure you tune in to big Brother tonight to see that fall out from this covsation.

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