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Rogan O’Connor Talks About His Sex Tape With Love Island’s Jessica Shears

Last week a video of Love Island star Jessica Shears having sex with Ex On The Beach hunk Rogan O’Connor appeared online and then all of a sudden was taken off the site.

Quick tech people decided to download the video and publish it on other sites but now star of the tape Rogan has been speaking about his embarasing video.

O’Connor said recently:

“A few video stills appeared online a few months go – around the same time my iCloud was hacked – of her bouncing, if you will, and she was really pissed off.

“Obviously, I remember filming them.”

He then continued to say to Heat Magazine:

“She knew they were out there, but she’ll find it frustrating. It’s not a nice thing for a girl. For me, it’s not the end of the world

“Obviously, you can see my tattoos, so my friend clocked it was me straight away.

He continued:

“But she does do naked glamour modelling, so I don’t think it would be the end of her career. She knows I would never leak them – I wouldn’t get anything out of it.”

We wonder what she will say when she is out of the villa because she hasnt got a clue that it is floating around online.

Love Island Glamour Model Jessica Shears Featured In Sex Tape With Rogan O’Connor

Well that didn’t take long to come out.

Love Island has only been back on our screens for a week not but already a Sex tape has been published online and it involves Jessica Shears and her former lover Rogan O’Connor.

The video has been published on a porn site since Jess appeared on the reality show but within a matter of hours it was removed.

A source close to Rogan has said:

“Rogan has no idea how the sex tape leaked.

“He’s really gutted and doesn’t want anyone to think he had anything to do with it. The film was a shared moment between him and Jessica when they were together and he never dreamt it would end up online for the whole world to see.”

In the video Jess performs a sex act on the dream boy and even though its been re,over from the site it still features online on other sites.

Jeremy McConnell Set To Confront His Exe’s On Ex On The Beach

This would be TV gold.

Sources have been saying that Jeremy McConnell is going to be appearing on Ex On The Beach and all of his long list of ex’s will appear on the show along side him.

Apparently Jeremy has been approached by Dani Lippe and Caroline Pope about appearing on the show as these are the two girls who he cheated on Stephanie Davis with.

The Sun has reported:

‘Bosses have offered [Jeremy] loads of money because of his dubious past and they know he will be a ratings winner.

‘He is sure to be the star of the next series – they hope viewers will be hooked to his drama and sex life on and off screen!’

It’s been said that Stephanie has been approached to appear on the show but noting has been confirmed if she is going to star on the show.

We will have to see who appears on the show.

We personally don’t think that Stephanie will because she hasnt had her baby that long ago.


Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Back Together??

Jeremy McConnell Will Never Get Back With Stephanie Davis And Demarnds A Paternity Test

A few weeks ago they hated one another but now it seems like Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis are back on loving.

The pair have been spending so much time together just lately after Jeremy found out that he was the father of Stephanie’s baby but it seems that him going to Liverpool seeing the little one has caused them both to find love for one and other again.

According to The Sun a source has said:

“They have finally decided to put their past behind them for the sake of the baby and have already enjoyed a romantic reunion together when Jeremy visited Stephanie in Liverpool.

“The chemistry between them is undeniable and being together as a family made them realise how important it is to give their relationship another shot.

 It continued to say:

“Things have been going well so far but their biggest test will be when Jeremy films Ex on the Beach.

“In the meantime Jeremy has flown back to Ireland to sort himself out but will be joining Stephanie again soon.”

Lets just hope that if they are back together it’s for real because they love one another and it’s not because of a magazine deal or something!

Jemma Lucy Signs Up To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother

She’s done reality shows such as Ex On The Beach and that reality show with Katie Price buy now Jemma Lucy is looking like she is going to appear on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother what is set to begin this summer.

Bosses of the show are hoping to sign the glamour model as they want this series to be the most explosive and if you know Jemma you will know that she will bring that to the house.

A source has said to the Sun:

“Everyone knows Jemma makes for great telly so it’s no surprise she’s on the Celebrity Big Brother wanted list.

“She’s not afraid to have a barney or strip off so she’ll definitely spice up the house.”

She will be explosive but personally we could see her being voted out first.

Jemma Lucy Lashes Out A Jodie Marsh During Snapchat Video After Jodie Says Geordie Shore And Ex On The Beach Are Not “Classy”

Jemma Lucy Lashes Out A Jodie Marsh During Snapchat Video After Jodie Says Geordie Shore And Ex On The Beach Are Not "Classy"

Dont mess with her.

Jemmy Lucy has hit out at Jodie Marsh and branded her a ‘slag’ during a Snapchat rant after Jodie slated shows like Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach.

In the video Jodie put her camera to her laptop screen and showed Jodie’s tweet about the shows and then Jem showed photos of Jodie with just belts around her nipples proving her point that she feels Jodie is not classy.

She said in the video:

‘Hang on a minute, they want something classy? Oh let’s all watch something classy like Jodie Marsh.’

‘Look at the state of it! That is not class.’

She continued:

‘How can you slag off reality TV when you come from it? Is this classy? No mate, so f*****g do one you s**g.’

Then continuing her massive rant she talked about how she use to like Marsh but now seeing what she had to say she has changed her opinions:

‘I just hate when people aren’t grounded and forgot where they came from and forget what show has made them who they are. You should never forget your roots.

‘It’s actually upset me that I’ve seen that today because I used to like Jodie Marsh. But after seeing that, how thick are you? TV isn’t about class.

‘You don’t watch a TV show full of classy people walking around holding their tea-cups.’

It seems Jodie really touched a nerve with Jemma there.


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