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Katie Price Spotted With Her Head Covered In Bandages After Second Face Lift.

Katie Price Annouces She's Pregnant During Nightclub Appearance

Katie Price has been spotted with her head covered in bandages looking very worse for wear after she wen tinder the knife to have corrective surgery on her face lift what went horrible wrong.

Katie was spotted out with the baggages over the weekend and in the photos Katie was seen being wheeled in a wheelchair by hospital staff.

Since she had her first face lift not to long ago Katie has been mocked online by her new face and confessed herself that the surgery didn’t got to plan the first time.

We have to say we are looking forward to seeing what she looks like after all the swelling has gone down and bandages removed.

Linda Nolan Undergoes Face Lift On Loose Women For The First On UK TV

She’s had her troubles over the last ten years in her family, career and personal health but today Linda Nolan did something for her own benefit as she decided to have a £6,000 face lift and let the ITV cameras film it for Loose Women.

Linda said that she wants the face lift to refreshing her looks and rebuilding her confidence as she will have surgery on her face, neck and upper lip to get rid of the lines.

The surgery and her recovery have been filmed for the lunch time show and when she is fully healed Linda will show off the results live on Loose Women.

Linda asked the surgeon what will her face look like after surgery and he replied:

‘There will be some swelling. You’ll be red and bruised but will have a good idea of what you will look like when that settles,’ the surgeon advised. ‘It will take a couple of months to settle down.’

Lets hope that Linda is happy with the results and we just cant wait to see what she looks like afterwards.

Anne Robinson Shows Off Her Face Lift As She Appears On Watchdog At 30 Special

Anne Robinson Shows Off Her Face Lift As She Appears On Watchdog At 30 Special

Anne Robinson Looks Younger Than Ever As She Appears On Watchdog At 30 Special

She’s been on our screens for years and years now but Anne Robinson has showed the veiwing public that she had had even more work done on the Watchdog 30th Special show.

Anne who’s publicly said that she has had a face lift has had her face strained and taut, her cheeks motionless as only her lips slightly moved.

The 70-year-old was trending on Twitter on Thursday when the Watchdog special aired…

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