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Trinny Woodall’s Partner Charles Saatchi, 76, Walks In Her Livestreame Naked Before Getting In Shower

Thing things you would like to be able to unsee.

During a Facebook live video Trinny Woodall was left extremely embarrassed after her partner Charles Saatchi aged 76 walked in to the bathroom while she filmed naked to get into the shower.


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Shocking Amount Of Sugar What Goes Into Cadburys Cadbury Creme Eggs Is Revealed

With Easter just around the corner many people will be tucking into to their Cadburys Cream Eggs but just how much sugar goes into one Cream Egg.

A shocking ost has been flying around Facebook and it shows just how

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Kylie Jenner Is Going To Return To Social Media After She Gives Birth

With Kylie Jenner still ‘expecting’ her baby she has been on social media since the rumors about her pregnancy started but now it’s been said that She Will return to all of her social media accounts after giving birth.


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