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Sheridan Smith Causes Concern For Her Fans As She Flashes Her Bra During Live Performanc


Sheridan Smith has cased little concern for her fans after she flashed her boobs and her underwear at a gig in Edinburgh.

The actress was on the stage when she decided to flash her boobs at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Thursday.

The Sun has said that during the performance Sheridan responded to a male fan in the front row by giving him her hotel room number as she shouted out:

‘341 Malmasion’

Apparently she was drinking vodka thought the performances too.

More information to come.

Stephen Bear Denies Taking Drugs As Fans Spot Some White Powder In New Instagrma Video

Stephen Bear has been forced to deny that he has been taking drugs after some white powder was spotted in his latest Instagram video where his mother featured in.

Putting the record straight the ‘white powder’ was actually his headphones.

Bear captioned the video:

“So I’m trying my best making a movie and I’m getting accused of taking drugs last night…It’s a liberty. My poor mum aswel…” (sic)

Then speaking to the camera with his mother Linda he continued to say:

“I’ve just come in from work and I’ve been pulled in because apparently there’s some powder on a table.

“It’s just my coffee table with stuff on it…I’m just really angry and upset about this.”

Then Linda tunred to Bear and said:

 “What is it supposed to be?”

He responded:

“You tell them mum.”

She then said:

 “He’s supposed to be in the house and has stuff…has cocaine on the table. It’s not right.”


Fans Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Has Given Birth Already

Over the last few months speculation has been flying around about Kylie Jenner being pregnant but nothing hasn’t been confirmed.

Now her fans  have been saying that they believe she has already given birth.

Over the month of December the Kardashian girls where sharing photos to their Instagram as a part of their Christmas calendar but Kylie only featured in one of the photos and you couldn’t see much of her.

Looking down the list of comments on  the photo one person shared:

‘Did Kylie Jenner give birth already!!!????????? Is baby Kylie already on this earth?! I’m so deep in conspiracies I’m going CRAZY!

While another said:

‘Imagine if on Christmas Day Kylie Jenner didn’t announce her pregnancy but instead announced that she had already given birth.

Lady Gaga Stops Concert To Attend Bleeding Fan

She just the best.

Lady Gaga stopped mid concert to get down off the stage to treat a bleeding fan who was in the audience.

Gaga was performing at her Joanne World Tour Saturday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, when she looked down and noticed that the fan was bleeding.

Gaga then shouted out:

‘Hi, I just looked over and I saw, are you doing alright?’

‘Are you doing alright? Are you gonna stay? Do you need some extra help? Do you need a paramedic? They’re on their way? OK.’

The fan in the audience was called ‘Meredith.’ causing Lady Gaga to shout out:

Meredith, I’m so sorry you got hit in the face and that you’re bleeding. You OK? We’re gonna make sure you’re okay, alright?’

Gaga was then applauded by the crowd.

Big Brother Viewing Figures Are Lower Than 1 Million Per Night

 200,000 on average from last year.

Ekkk not good at all!!

The ratings for this years Big Brother have not been good at all as each night they have fell below 900,000 viewers.

From last years series the show is down a whopping 200,000 on average but one question we have is has Love Island had something to do with Big Brother’s love ratings??

Even if it is love Island taking all the figures then maybe people are watching the show on demand?!

Ariana Grande Visits Fans In Hospital After Manchester Terror Attack

Ariana Grande Visits Fans In Hospital After Manchester Terror Attack

On Friday Ariana Grande decided to visit her poorly fans who where caught up in the Manchester terror attacks last week.

The singer went to Manchester hospital where she sat and spoke with her fans who got injured as she has returned to the UK to perform at her benefit concert on Sunday afternoon.

One of her fans who is in the photo above seemed super excited to meet her idol who brought her a teddy from harrods and signed her concert t-shirt.