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Gemma Collins Apparently Kicks Off Backstage At Dancing On Ice At Jason Gardiner And Holly Willoughby After Row On Screen!

With Gemma Collins kicking off on the live Dancing On Ice show on Sunday night apparently the row continued backstage!

On Sunday Gemma got into a row with judge Jason Gardiner after he apparently sold stories about her to the press and Gemma decided to call him out for it.

Now sources have said that Gemma got into another row with Jason backstage and presenter Holly Willoughby too.

A source has said to The Sun:

 ‘Gemma was furious backstage — but so was Jason. They’re both very strong-minded so there was no chance either of them would back down after the show.’Behind the scenes the atmosphere is even more toxic now… Two of the most prominent people on the show are at war.’ 

Gemma aparently also kicked off at Holly for joking about her ‘diva scandle’.

Olivia Attwood Hints She’s Fallen Out With One Off Boyfriend Chris Hughes Again

They split and then over the last few days Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have been spending more time together but now Olivia has hinted that she has fallen out with Chris again after she tweeted on her Twitter account saying that she must have ‘mug written on my forehead.’

Fans started replying back to her tweets asking what had done on because over the last few days they seemed to have gotten closer and closer if their social media accounts are anything to go by.

Her Twitter followers have been thinking that the tweet was about Chris as one person shared:

“What’s he done now?”

While another said:

‘If this is about Chris I think it’s defo time for you to move on Hun, watching ur show and u together is just toxic, a relationship is hard but not that hard X’.

We have to say that we believe that it should all end now if this tweet is about Chris. It’s not doing either of them any favors.

Viewers Slamm Olivia Attwood And ‘Turn Off’ New Reality Show Over Her And Chris Hughes Bad Relationship

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes returned to our TV screens last night with their new reality show Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On but viewers turned over after a little while because of Olivia.

Attwood and Hughes rowed throughout the whole show and even moved out of their swanky five bedroom house after moving in two days before because they had had a massive row.

The pair who were known for bickering in the Love Island villa caused viewers to take to their Twitter accounts as one person hit out:

‘i’ve had to turn off #ChrisandOlivia #CrackinOn… absolutely brutal. I genuinely love them, but why is @oliviajade_att so rude??

While another said:

Only 5mins into #CrackinOn and I’m ready to turn over!

What did you think of the show?

Cher Lloyd Admits She No Longer Talks To X Factor Mentor Cheryl Because She’s ‘Too Busy Being A Mum’

They struck up an amazing friendship when Cheryl was Cher Lloyd’s mentor on the X Factor but now it seems that friendship is no more.

Cher has appeared on Lorraine on Wednesday morning when she confessed that she no longer speaks to Cheryl.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly she said:

“I haven’t heard from her in a long time, she’s so busy with the baby. She’s got baby!”

There have been rumors before that the pair no longer spoke and had actually fallen out.

Katie Price Cosies Up With Olivia Attwood During ITV Gala

She’s had an ongoing row with Chris Hughes for the next few months but now things have taken another turn.

Katie has been spotted posing with Olivia Attwood backstage at the ITV Gala along with the other Loose women including Lina Robson and Stacey Solomon.

Katie looked like she was having a great time backstage despite what went on between Katie and Olivia’s boyfriend over them flirty messages.

Looking like they might be friends again.

Kem Cetinay Had Words Chris Hughes About Outing Katie Price Publicly

Kem Cetinay Had Words Chris Hughes About Outing Katie Price Publicly

With the drama what is going on with Chris Hughes and Katie Price it has been revealed that Chris’ friend and fellow Love Islander Kem Cetinay warned him about outing Katie so publicly.

Talking about telling his friend not to send them tweets Kem said:


“It kind of blew up more than it needed to be.

“I think I was with him, I weren’t in the room with him but I was with him.

He continued:

“Honestly I was saying ‘Chris don’t do it!’

“I was like ‘who are you texting?’ He’s like ‘no-one’.

“I looked at my thing – Chris has just written a tweet.

“I was sitting there I was like ‘Chris have you done it?’ and he was like yeah I’ve done it.

“When he done it in the beginning I was like ‘cor Chris you’ve got yourself in a battle here’.”

We have to say maybe he should have listened to Kem and not published the tweets.

What do you think?