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Liam Payne Only Follows Cheryl On Instagram As He Unfollows Everyone Else

Liam Payne Shares Soppy Instagram Pose To Love Cheryl

Liam Payne has decided to do a Kanye West and only follow his lady Cheryl on Instagram.

Liam who followed a few hundred people on the photo sharing site had unfollowed everyone apart from Cheryl just as she prepares to have his baby.

Liam has 11.9 million followers so Cheryl must feel so lucky that out of all them millions of people he only follows her.

Cheryl follows 131 people, including  Liam, Britney Spears and Katy Perry but the question is will she follow Liam’s footsteps?

Selena Gomez Reaches 100 Million Instagram Followers!

Selena Gomez Reaches 100 Million Instagram Followers!

Selena Gomez has officially become the first person to hit 100 million Instagram followers.

The singer who’s currently in rehab due to depression hit the 100M mark today but clearly she wont know about it for another two months until she returns home.

Despite not updating her account for six week’s her loyal fans still keep following her and giving her old photos millions of likes per day!

Not far behind Selena is Taylor Swift who has 91.5 million followers, then it’s Beyoncé 85.3 million followers, and then Kim Kardashian 83.6 million followers.

This so so massive and the sad thing is she doesnt even know that she has reached that milestone.

Rob Kardashian Follows Tyga On Instagram


It’s the day we never thought we would see but yes it is here.

Rob Kardashian has followed Tyga on Instagram!!

Tyga is one of only 13 people Rob is ‘following’ and is also the ex of Rob’s fiancee and baby mama Blac Chyna.

We personally think that Rob wouldn’t have followed him if Blac wasn’t pregnant but we don’t think that we will be seeing them out and about soon.