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Courtney Stodden Let’s Date Rub Sunscreen Into Her Boobs During Date On Celebs Go Dating

Courtney Stodden has never been shy about showing off her assets but on Celebs Go Dating on Wednesday night viewers where left shocked to see Courtney on a date where she allowed him to rub sunscreen into her boobs.

The blonde beauty was punting in Cambridge where she announced that her boobs where ‘going red’ due to the sun causing Adrian to volunteer to rub the cream in while Calum Best and his date Victoria looked on in shock.

After Adrian covered her boobs she then said:

‘Does it look like there is something splurted on me?’

Wow what a first date.

We bet Adrian couldnt believe his luck that day.

Ruth Langsford Dresses As Dominatrix In S&M Clip With Hubby Eamonn Holmes

They have often talked about their sex lifes on daytime TVs but on Channel 5 viewers got an i site into Ruth Langford naughty side.

The presenter decided to dress up as a dominatrix as she wore a long black leather coat and pose with a whip in her hand as they aired their documentary about sex on Cahnnel 5 Thursday night.

Eamonn shared the snap of his wife on his twitter account Thursday morning and his followers where shocked at seeing the daytime to wueen dressed up in s&m style.

Along with the photo Eamonn said:

‘Ruth getting all Strictly. We have a fascinating prog on Channel 5 Thurs 9pm on couples and The 7 yr itch.’

Wow she really does look the part to film the show.

Eamonn Holmes And Wife Ruth Langsford Visit Sex Party

Eamonn Holmes And Wife Ruth Langsford Visit Sex Party

They are not strangers to talking about their love life on daytime TV but now Ruth Langford and Eamonn Holmes have admitted that they went to a sex party over the weekend.

Both Ruth and Eamonn confirmed that they where attending the party on social media but it’s nit what you think because they went to film a secret documentary.

Eamonn tweeted over the weekend:

‘Getting dressed for a filming mission for our Channel 5 TV series. We will be undercover & it may be X Rated. Can’t wait to show u what we see’.

A sources has said to the Sun that they went to a party hosted by Killing Kittens, along with 50 couples at a country house.

Tickets for the event sell for £450 a pop as an insider said to the newspaper about the pair attending the event:

‘They were really excited.

‘Both are pretty broad-minded, but even they admitted they’d never been to an erotic party in such sumptuous surroundings.

‘Both were giggling and loving the highly-charged sexual atmosphere.’

We just cant wait for this to air it will be so fascinating to see.

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Visits Chris Hughes Farm

Love Island's Olivia Attwood Visits Chris Hughes Farm

So cute.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes has taken Olvia Attwood to his farm.

The pair who struck up a relationship in the villa always laughed about Chris taking Olivia back ot his farm and fans just couldn’t see her being on a farm but now it seems they have proved the critics wrong.

The pair posed while they where in a filed full of cows as they looked pretty much in love.

Later on during the day Chris shared a photo of the pair tucked up in bed.

So cute.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes Admits He Was ‘Ridiculously Horny’ In The Villa

Love Island's Chris Hughes Admits He Was 'Ridiculously Horny' In The Villa

It was no secret that he has a massive penis as it was said nearly every night by his girlfriend Olivia Attwood in the Love Island villa but now Chris Hughes has said that he was ‘ridiculously horny’ in the villa.

Chris who has a turbulent time on the show with Olivia has admitted that he is embraced that they had sex on the show as he said to The Sun:

‘I did disappoint myself by having sex in there but I was ridiculously h***y’.

‘They had to bring in some extra-large condoms for me. They gave them to me and I was like ‘okay hopefully these will work.’

Previously Chris’ penis has stunned the other islanders and the viewing public after a video leaked online of him walking around showing off the size of his penis.

Olivia confessed that it was ‘like a baseball bat!’

Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis TROLLS Montana Brown On Instagram

He’s been on of the most talked about person of the series but now Mike Thalassitis has trolled Montana Brown on Instagram.

Montana was doing a Instagram live on Tuesday when Mike decided to comment on the video saying that  “Nobody cares what you have to say”, “And people though i was dry” and lots of comments like that.

Viewers to the live video branded Mike as a “legend” on social media as he just continued to comment on the video.

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