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Gabby Allen And Dan Osborne ‘To Enter’ Celebrity Big Brother House Together!

Heavily-Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa Has Split From Dan Osborne After String Of Heated Rows'

They have apparently had history in the past despite he being married to Eastenders star Jacqueline Jossa but it seems that Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen are going to be spending more time together as they are both apparently going to be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house together.

With the full Celebrity Big Brother line-up for the upcoming 2018 series being confirmed today fans of the show have could not believe their eyes when they saw that they both have been added to the lineup despite they past together.

Dan is apparently going to spill all on his 10 week marriage with Jacqueline and them photo’s of him and Gabby on a boat in the middle of the sea together.

We have to say we can’t wait for this series to sta


Gabby Allen Admits She Had To Explain Herself To Jacqueline Jossa After Reports Of Her Sleeping With Dan Osborne

Gabby Allen has confessed that she had to explain herself to Jacqueline Jossa after it was reported that she had been sleeping with Jossa’s husband and father of her children Dan Osborne.

Photo where also published in the press of Gabby and Dan on a boat together looking like they were really close.

Gabby has now said:

‘I never thought I’d have to explain anything before because I haven’t done anything wrong so why would you have to explain anything?

‘But then we have spoken and it was fine and you know what it’s a shame because we all got on so well. It would have been nice to stay friends afterwards.’

It was only 10 months after Dan and Jacqueline got married when they decided to split up.

Also at that time Gabby’s boyfriend and Love Island ex Marcel Somerville accused her of cheating and then weeks after it was announced that they had broken up due to his cheating on Gabby.

Gabby Allen Spotted Getting Cosy With Dan Osbourne On A Boat

The photo what aledagly split Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa up have been published online.

The photo of Gabby Allen and Dan has been posted online and shows them on a boat looking very close together as they chatted on a boat.

The pair who have been on holiday with the lights of Calum Best and Stephanie Davis to cosy up on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

On Tuesday it was announced that Jacqueline and Dan have split up and Dan has moved in with his friend for the time being.

Love Island’s Gabby Allen ‘Dumps’ Marcel Somerville After He ‘Cheated’ On Her During Holiday

Well we didn’t see this coming.

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville are apparently over after Gabby aledadly found out that Marcel had been ‘cheating’ on her while on a romantic holiday to mexico.

The Sun have been saying that the girl in question had been sending Marcel ‘flirty text messages’ and he was ‘replying back’ to what the girl send a screenshot of the messages to Gabby on Instagram.

A source has told The Sun:

‘They had a row one night so Gabby went back to their hotel room to sleep while Marcel started chatting to another woman at the bar, where they kissed in full view of other guests.

It continued to say:

‘He insisted that he was staying there for promotional purposes and that it was over between him and Gabby.

‘Marcel and the girl slept together in her room and he left and went back to Gabby’s room, but promised to see her the following day when Gabby was at the gym.’

In one of the messages what was in the screen shots what have been published online it read:

‘Tomorrow I’ll be available. We can have some day sex.’

But Marcel and the woman in question nearly got caught as Gabby was returning back to the hotel room early as he replied:

‘I’m going to the gym but I’ll try and catch you on the way. Actually the plan has been ruined. She’s back.’

So sad.

Love Island’s Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

Love Island's Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

She made him wait in the Love Island villa but now Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville have had sex.

The pair who where together for most of the series where often asked why they where not having sex in the villa like the other islanders but Gabby always said that she wouldn’t do it on the TV.

Now they have been out a couple of days Gabby and Marcel have finally had sex and apparently it lived up to their expectations.

During a interview after leaing the villa Gabby said:

 ‘We had sex! It lived up to expectations. It was really good. We had dutch courage as well, we had a few drinks which always makes things easier.’

Then talking about waiting to have sex Gabby said:

‘I don’t feel like I should be shamed for NOT having sex on TV. I’ve been out I’ ve seen there’s been lots of talk about me not doing it, and me not fancying Marce.

‘But I made a promise to my brother and my mum that I wasn’t going to do it. People don’t realise that there’s literally a thousand cameras looking at you all the time. It’s really hard to get sexy. I didn’t feel any pressure. It just didn’t sit well with me.’

The pair have been praised by the viewing public after all the other couples where having sex and Gabby always said that she wouldnt on TV.

Glad the pair are going well.

Love Island’s Gabby Says “LIKE” 76 Times In FIVE MINUTES

Love Island's Gabby Says "LIKE" 76 Times In FIVE MINUTES

She’s been branded ‘annoying’ by the viewing public of Love Island but now Gabby has said the word ‘like’ 76 times in a five minute conversation.

It was during her meltdown on Wednesday nights show where she confessed that she was offended by words said by the other girls in the villa and how they never stuck up for her after she failed the lie detector and she continued to say ‘like’ all the time during the conversation.

76 times to be exact.

Viewers to the show have taken to their social media accounts to air their views and some of the tweets have been super funny.

According to The Sun, the personal trainer said 469 words, with a ‘like’ after every 11.1 words.

Just in a five minute conversation Gabby said like 76 times as she said:

‘Last night when it, like, all came out, like, I literally didn’t know what to do,’

‘I was like, it’s either fight or flight. Like everyone else had like their own little things, then like for me I can’t just bounce back and be like, because it’s me as well.’

One person said on social media:

‘If I had a penny for every time Gabby says like I would be a millionaire.’

While another said:

‘Next time you watch Love Island listen to how many times Gabby says like. Show is ruined for me now!”

You know what we are all going to be doing while we are watching Love Island tonight.