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Gaz Beadle And Emma McVey Buy Their First Home Together

Gaz Beadle And Emma McVey Buy Their First Home Together

They are expecting their first child together but now Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey have purchased their first home.

The pair have now moved in together just in time for their little one to be born as Gaz broke the news on his Twitter account as he wrote:

 “Amazing day today, we bought a house…a house 6 years ago I would have dreamt of 🏠📝”.

Emma shortly took to her account to tweet:

 “Gary and I have had a pretty busy week as we’ve been sorting a mortgage out to buy a house, it’s been exciting!

Such lovely news.

Daniela Westbrook Party’s With Geordie Shores Gaz Beadle Just Days After Being Annouced Homeless

shes been thought her fair share of trouble in her life but it seems all the trouble of being homeless for Daniela Westbrook has gone out of the window as she has been out on a night out with Geordie Shores Gaz Beadle.

The former Eastenders actress who has recently announced that she is homeless and said that she has been staying on friends and family’s couches seems to be having a lovely night on Friday.

The sun has reported:

‘Danniella was at her management’s Christmas party and asked for a picture with Gaz because her daughter Jody adores him.

‘Jody’s a massive Geordie Shore fan and thinks the world of Gaz and Scotty T.
‘Gaz was more than happy to pose for a photograph and Danniella was over the moon because her daughter will think it’s brilliant.’

So that’s how she get the selfie.

seems like she could put her troubles to one side for the night.

Gaz Beadle Admits He Want’s To ‘Rescue’ His Relationship With Charlotte Crosby

Gaz Beadle Admits He Want's To 'Rescue' His Relationship With Charlotte Crosby

They have been on and off more times that anything but now it seems Gaz Beadle has admitted in the new series of Geordie Shore that he wants to ‘rescue’ his relationship with Charlotte Crosby.

Talking to Holly Hagan, Gaz admitted that he want to try the relationship again with Crosby but Holly tries to put him off it because she think it will never work.

Charlotte has now quit the reality show and this is the first series in 13 series that she hasn’t appeared on the show!

Talking about missing his former girlfriend he said:

‘I realised that I actually miss Charlotte a lot more than I thought I did,’

At the end of the day he messed up the relationship so he has no one to blame.

Gaz Beadle And Charlotte Crosby Reunite At Hotel After MTV Producers Make Cock Up


They where the former lovebirds but split up time after time due to his cheating but now Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby have found themselves at a hotel together but it’s not how you think!

It was all because of the MTV producers cocked up and booked the pair into the same hotel in Camden near the company’s London offices.

It’s been said that the pair found out that they where both at the same hotel and where not happy at all as they did everything they could to ignore one and other.

According to The Sun as source has said:

“It was all very unfortunately planned and awkward,”

“Charlotte and Gary both knew about the mishap and were careful to avoid each other in the corridors. They weren’t best pleased when they heard the news – put it that way!”

This comes after Gary admitted that he never wanted to see Charlotte again.

Must have been so awkward for them both.

Take Me Out Celebrity Special Is On The Cards Featuring Geordie Shore Ladies, Towie Lot And Made in Chelsea Gang

Take Me Out Celebrity Special Is On The Cards Featuring Geordie Shore Ladies, Towie Lot And Made in Chelsea Gang

Wow now this would be worht watching.

It’s been said that there maybe a special episode of Take Me Out what will feature the cast of Geordie Shore, The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea.

It was show’s host Paddy McGuinness who started off the rumors about the show what will be filmed with a whole load of “z-listers”.

Talking to the Daily Star he said:

“The one special I wouldn’t mind doing is where all the girls are from all the different reality shows, TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, The Valleys and all the others.”

Most of the cash sleep with each other as it is so we really dont know how this would work?

How do you feel about this??

Is Geordie Shore About To End As Producers Fail To find Replacement For Holly Hagan

Is Geordie Shore About To End As Producers Fail To find Replacement For Holly Hagan

Who wouldn’t want to be on Geordie Shore.

As we told you the other week Holly Hagan threw in the towel and admitted that she no longer wanted to be on Geordie Shore after her friend Charlotte Crosby left but this is causing mayhem with the producers.

The casting team have been on the look out for a replacement for Holly.

A source has told The Sun:

“Holly formally told producers she was off earlier this month. She’s got her own projects to follow and there’s a whole new cast that’s come in and she’s feeling that it’s really time to move on.

“It ultimately comes down to Charlotte [Crosby] quitting earlier this year prompted her to do something that she’d been thinking about for a while.Producers have asked her to reconsider but so far she’s stuck to her guns.

“Gaz Beadle has openly admitted that he doesn’t see himself on the show beyond next year and wants to leave for a new life in Oz, while Vicky
Pattison is long gone.”

This will be hard for the producers because Holly was such a big charter on the show and was much loved.